Friday, April 15, 2011

They're bLoOmInG

The flowers we planted a few weeks ago are finally blooming.
 This was taken a couple days ago....
and this was them today.
Aren't they bea-u-ti-ful?!?! I love them!
 Here's Brandon's corn.....seems to be growing pretty good. The others that were planted in the ground aren't growing as fast. (He's sooo proud!) haha
 We're usually only home during the winter months....we had no idea that these 'green looking whatever they are' bloom during the Spring. I'm sure glad we didn't cut them back. :)' Brandon and I always thought they looked dead and ugly. Now since we've seen them bloom....we think their gorgeous!
 and our rose bush....we've never seen this thing bloom either! We're loving it!
(It doesn't take much to make us h.a.p.p.y.)
 I've been wanting white rocking chairs for quite some time now but their sooo dang expensive. We finally found them for a really good price that we couldn't turn down. I sat in one this afternoon and about rocked myself to sleep. Sooo relaxing!!
 So, that's all with the flowers. I hope I didn't bore ya'll to death. I'm just sooo proud of them! (I'll keep 'ya posted on how everythings growing around the Yarbrough's.)
Ohhh yeah....thought I would share our lil' easter egg centerpiece with ya'll. Ain't it cute?!
I know I're probably thinking I have too much time on my hands. haha
welllll.....You're wrong! wink wink. ;)


The Denoves said...

I have always wanted rockig chairs on my porch also!!!! Great minds think alike!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, love all of the flowers!! What are those first pink ones?? I want to plant something that is easy and will be bright like that!