Thursday, April 27, 2017

Beach with the William's and the Heath's

--post from March--

Love these sweet faces.

Brayden & Bailey's 5-year-old check-up

Cat Bite -2/21/2017-

Bailey got bit by a cat while we were visiting in Brandon's hometown. We thought she may have to have rabies shots but come to find out the cat had been treated and Bailey was going to be ok. Unfortunately, her hand got a little worse after this picture was taken...but after a antibiotic...her hand healed right up. We were thankful for everyone's prayers and help during this time.

Preschool :: Rosa Parks

Preschool :: The Letter K

K is for kangaroo.



This n.e.v.e.r. happens.

Bike ride with dad

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Aberdeen Middle School -- My old stomping ground.

While we were in my hometown visiting...we went to one of Braxton's basketball games. The kids were able to see where I went to middle school. They probably could have cared less...but I enjoyed showing them around.
Brayden & Bailey with their cousins.
The gym had not changed much. I enjoyed looking at all the old pictures. There were a few from when I was there. Brought back alot of memories.

 They always have fun hanging out with Braxton & Brylee.

Gam-me & Pa's for the weekend

Brayden plundering thru Pa's office.
Kitty Kitty got ahold of Bailey's milk. lol
The weather was beautiful so we were able to play outside.

Valentine's boxes for school

Brayden did a Spiderman box and Bailey did a cat.

The Story of Dr. King's Friend - Rosa Parks {Video}

{Below: Video}
My favorite part -- "the peach people and the brown people."

Monday, April 24, 2017

2 little monkeys hanging on the trampoline.


Daddy's helper

Bowling - Videos

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Brayden's ninja moves - Video

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Brandon spinning the kids - Video

Who needs rides when they have their daddy.
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B&B and their Bibles

I walked into Brayden's room and found both kids looking at their Bibles.
Proud mama moment.

Preschool :: The Letter B

Hangin' out with Ellie the dog.

Getting ready for baseball -- Pics & Videos

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