Tuesday, December 31, 2013

hApPy {early} NeW yEaR!!!

Because I can't hang, I'll go ahead and tell ya'll.....

Christmas Day

We spent the rest of Christmas day at my sister's house.
Our nephews, Tripp and Christian got a drum set and a karaoke machine...
so, you can imagine how loud it was.
Brayden taking it all in.
When we first got there, Tripp was napping...but, that didn't last long.

Mom and Bailey showing Brayden how it's done. ;)
 Brayden's like....I got this. 

 Tripp & Christian both put on a good concert. ;) 
Them boys can sing.
 Tripp getting the go-cart ready for uncle Brandon.
 It was freezing riding it but it was fun. 
Brandon and I somehow managed to get on there together. 
Too bad we didn't get a picture. Everyone else was inside.

 When we went back in, B&B were still on the drums.

 Present time!!

 I think the boys were more excited over their Tarheel Pez than they were their actual presents. lol

 My B-I-L, Bobby cooked us a delicious meal.
Thank God we married men that like to cook. :)'

 Tripp was so cute. He wanted Brayden to sit in his lap and eat.
 And look how Tripp was eating.....
Isn't that sweet?!
 Bailey's favorite spot at aunt Step'anie's house...the pantry.
Bailey was cracking my sister up. She would take a cheese puff out of the tub...take one bite and then stick it back in the tub and grab another one.
Where she learned that...I'll never know. lol
 I'm sure ya'll can guess what happened to Brayden's pants at this point.
Yep, he had an accident.
Well, it was our fault. He should have been changed sooner. :/
Wouldn't 'ya know it happened before we took pictures. haha
Oh well....we're just making memories. lol
It'll be a good story to tell him when he's 18.
My parents
 My silly husband handcuffed me to him.
 Tripp & Christian were sooo excited to show us their Christmas tree upstairs.

My husband is the bomb{dot}com.
He set the camera up on a timer and we were able to get a picture of all of us.
The good thing is...it only took one try!!

Tripp aka "the photobomber." 
Somehow he managed to jump into the picture right as we were snapping it. lol
Talk about perfect timing, right?!

 Brayden loved playing with Christian's trains. Christian even let him borrow one. :)'
Now...that's what I call a good Christmas.