Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bailey breaks her arm

{This is from April.}
Brayden and Bailey were jumping on the couch. {I had gotten onto them...but...of course they did not listen.} I was in the kitchen doing something and next thing I knew Bailey came running to me crying and her arm was dangling. In my head I was thinking "it's broke." I got her to move it around but she could not bend it all the way up. I figured it was going to be fine...that she was just favoring it because it hurt.

She calmed down and her and Brayden explained to me what happened. Brayden had pulled one of the cushions off the couch and put it on the floor. He jumped from the couch to the cushion. Bailey went to do the same thing....but....when Bailey jumped from the couch to the cushion...Brayden moved the cushion and she landed on the hardwood floor on her elbow. Sweet brother, right?! :) I guess that's what brothers do. lol

The rest of the evening she kept it straight and wouldn't move it. She didn't complain about it hurting. The next day she was still favoring it. She would either let her arm just hang there or she would use her other arm to hold it up. By this point....I figured there might be a fracture.

That evening when my parents got into town my mom and I took her to the ER. They took xrays and should that it was too swollen to tell but they thought she might have fractured it. They put her in a splint and a sling. This was on a Friday {if I remember correctly.} First thing Monday morning we followed up with the Ortho doctor that had been oncall on that Friday. They did more xrays but still it was too swollen to tell anything. He could tell something was there but it wasn't very clear since her arm was still swollen. So, in the cast her arm went.

She stayed in the cast for almost 2 weeks and followed up that Friday. They did more xrays and her arm was still swollen on the inside so the doctor put her in another cast. Bless her heart. I felt so bad for her because she was ready to get that thing off. It would itch and she'd cry and there was nothing we could do other than get her mind off of it. Before they put it on....I cleaned her arm really good and put lotion on it hoping it would keep it from itching.

That cast stayed on another 2 weeks {maybe 3 weeks...we can't remember.} We went back for a checkup. They did more xrays and her arm had healed. Praise GOD we were done with the cast. It was hard giving her a bath each night with a trash bag on her whole arm....and trying to keep it from getting wet. We did manage but it was a challenge.

Here are a few pictures from when it happened.
I must say she looked cute.
She was only smiling for the picture....bless her heart.
First xray
She did so good!! I was so proud of her.
Rockin' her first cast. Of course she picked hot pink!!
Nonnie & Grand-daddy's church sent her a card. She was so proud of it.
Random picture from when she had her cast on.
She was wearing Gam-me's glasses.
Back to the Ortho dr for a checkup.
She was excited because she thought she was finally done with the cast.
Bailey covered her ear because it was loud. This child does not like loud noises.
Another cast. 
She picked blue this time because they were out of all the other colors she liked.
Random picture from when she had her 2nd cast on.
Another random.
Brittany had given her some new sandals.
Another Ortho checkup...hoping to be done with casts.
Daddy covered her ears this time.
Cast was finally o-f-f!!! We were all happy!!!!
She favored her arm for a while. She held it with her other arm and wouldn't bend it much. We explained to her it was fine and she could move it. When she was ready....she moved it. Each day it got better and she was able to move it more.

B&B trying to blow bubbles with their gum - Pics & Video

{Trying to catch up. This is from April.}
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