Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brayden & Bailey's 3rd Birthday Party cont'd

Brayden & Bailey before opening their presents.
As you can tell....they already got a'hold of suckers so their mouths were blue.

I think Conner & Camden were just as excited. :)'

 Bailey got her 1st Elsa doll from aunt Sharon.
 Brayden didn't waste anytime opening his presents.
 Bailey took her precious time.

See....she's still playing with her doll. lol 

 They each got tents. Brayden got Cars and Bailey got Frozen.
Perfect timing....theirs had just messed up.

 Surprisingly...I could wear Brayden's new hat.
Brayden finished opening his presents and he was off to play with the boys.
Bailey kept opening...
 and wanted to play with everything as she opened it.
 I was a little excited about her new karaoke machine.

Cake time!!

 Took us a few minutes to find a lighter. ;) 
Apparently no one smokes. haha {That's a good 'thang!!}

 Bailey dove right into hers.

Brayden took his time. 

 Doesn't take long for sugar to kick in. 

That's a wrap.
Happy 3rd Birthday Brayden & Bailey!!
We love you bunches.