Friday, April 1, 2016

This picture explains their personalities.

STUNK aka SKUNK - Video

{Below: Video}

Check out this outfit.

She even has the jewelry to go with it.

Packed up and ready to go!!!

The kids knew we were headed to Nonnie, Grand-daddy's, Gam-me and Pa's........
They packed their own stuff. Unfortunately...I had to go back and do it.
Brayden had underwear, socks, slippers, and shirts in his suitcase. Oh yeah....Brayden packed a jacket, too. lol {I guess he was planning to go bottomless all weekend.} :)'
Bailey had underwear, socks, shoes, shirts and shorts stuffed in hers. She crammed all her shorts in the side pocket.

If only it were that easy.

Showing off their happy meal toys!!

They always want to go to Wendy's to get their "own bags with a toy."

Seahawks -- {Pics & Video}

Pulling for our home team.
Of course Brayden wanted to be different and pull for the other team.

Spring has sprung!!

Easter Party :: Preschool {Pics & Video}

Brayden & Bailey had a Easter party at preschool. They had an egg hunt and lunch.

{Below: Video}

Blessing the food.

St. Patty's Day :: Preschool

The kids had a little leprechaun sneak into their classroom before they got to school.
He made a mess........
 and left his footprints everywhere.
Mrs. Eakins and Mrs. Kelly said B&B were a little unsure about the leprechaun. Bailey kept asking about him and Brayden was looking around for him while he went potty. lol 

They explained to them how small and fast he is....and they wouldn't ever see him.

When I picked them up from school...that's all I heard {especially from Bailey.} She talked about it all day and until she went to bed that night. She was worried he would come to our house. I had to explain to them that he wasn't real. It was just for fun. She asked, "so our teachers did that?" I reassured her...."yes....your teachers did that." :)'