Friday, August 30, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just like Daddy

I had a video of Brayden mowing beside Brandon 
but I think it was too long and wouldn't upload. 
Oh well. :)'

Monday, August 26, 2013


"Pa - You watch my pizza. I'm gonna rest my eyes."

Look out...Bailey's driving!!

Our 1st vacation as a family of 4 - part three

I'd call this "Heaven on Earth." Two of my favorite places side by side. 
I don't think it gets much better than this.
We got this picture made of B&B. 
It's my new favorite picture of them. 
I love how it turned out!!
We made a visit to a HUGGEEE candy store.
They had every candy you could ever think of. 
Some of it was gi-norm-ous.
They even had candles that smell like jolly ranchers and skittles. :) :)
Check out the huge syrup bottles and rice krispie treats.
Holy smokes. Who could eat all that?!
I had to take a picture of Brayden & Bailey in front of the ferris wheel. 
Brandon & I took a picture in front of it when I was 11 weeks pregnant.
{Below: 11 weeks pregnant with Brayden & Bailey.}

That's all folks!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Our 1st vacation as a family of 4 - part two

Meet our newest family members....
 Mrytle the turtle
and Turdy the turtle.
These were the souvenirs B&B got from the aquarium.
Aren't they the cutest?! 
They both had little babies that came with them. The babies don't have names yet. 
Maybe we'll name them Shelly and Sammy....from A Turtle's Tale. ;)
{Bailey is obsessed with this movie.}
** more vacation pictures!!!!!

We had two tired kiddos after our trip to the aquarium.

Gam-me bringing up the rear. :)'
Brayden & Bailey with Gam-me & David Papa.
{Bailey is saying "papa papa papa" as I'm writing this. lol}

Off to the water park we go!!

Getting ready for some fun!!!
Pay no attention to my short tan lines. lol

The water park at our hotel was by far our favorite part.
There were pools, water slides and a lazy river.

Brayden & Bailey did great swimming with their life jackets on. 
You could tell it made Brayden more comfortable about being in the pool. 
Ya'll know....nothing phases Bailey.

{Below: Video of Brandon & Brayden}
{Below: Video of Brandon & Bailey}

{Below: Video of Brandon & Bailey sliding.}
{Below: Video of Brandon & Brayden sliding.}

Bailey loved the water slides. 
Every time she got off....she made her way to do it again.

Brayden liked the water slides but was more skeptical about them. 
Once his daddy carried him up there and he went down, he liked it....
but, he mainly walked around and watched Bailey slide down. 
We think Bailey's gonna be like her daddy and like crazy rides and 
Brayden is gonna be like me....he'd rather watch. :)'
{Below: Video of me & Bailey sliding.}
{Below: Another video of Da-da & Brayden sliding.}
One last post to our vacation so...