Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Happy Birthday Jesus!
You ARE the reason for this season!
We hope everyone is having a
Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy BrAyDeN & bAiLeY!!

It's sooo hard for me to believe ya'll are already one!! Where did this past year go?!
Mommy & Daddy love ya'll more than you'll ever know.
Happy BIrthday sweet peas!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Matthew 24:36

It's 12/21/2012 and we're still here!! lol
Matthew 24:36
No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,
but only the Father.
Acts 1:7
He said to them: "It is not for you to know the times or dates
the Father has set by his own authority."

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another elf video

My mom saw the elf video Brandon made and she emailed me the one she made.
It's my mom, sister, me, my dad and one of my aunts.
Here 'ya go!

Elves - Video

Brandon sent me an email the other night and this was what it was.
You have to watch.
{It's me, Brandon, my dad, mom and Brandon's mom.}

Brayden & Bailey are 11 Months Old!

 {This post is almost a month late; but, what's new?! lol}
I have been incredibly busy planning Brayden & Bailey's 1st birthday party
and getting ready for Christmas.
Sweet Bailey Bug - You are 11 months old! Wow....one more month and you will be 1!! I can't believe it. This year has flown by incredibly wayyy tooo fast. The first few months seem like a blur to me. You are currently still wearing size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes. You have outgrown the 9 months and the pants are now capris on you. haha I'm not sure of your exact weight but I know you and Brayden both are really heavy. There have been a few times this month I've had to hold or carry you both around and my arms about killed me but I wouldn't trade that time for the world. You are still eating the same; however, you do not want baby food anymore. You have moved on to better things. lol Anything we eat....you and Brayden both want. We aren't much on giving ya'll sweets (especially your Daddy) but here and there we splurged and when we do....I do advantage of it. ;) You have more teeth! You have your top two teeth and the ones on each side are trying to come in. You now have the grand total of 4 and then the other 2 coming in. You are still drinking the same amount of 7 oz. bottles each day. In the morning we add oatmeal and you get regular bottle with your meals or a bottle of juice. You are still sleeping thru the night; however, there have been a few times this month where you woke up soaked {and the other} and I had to change your diaper and your sleeper. Once your changed, you go right back to sleep. You are still taking a morning nap that usually lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. You also are still taking an afternoon nap. You usually sleep longer in the afternoon...anywhere from an hour and a half to 2 1/2 hours. This is mommy's time to either take a shower, relax or get things done around the house. {It depends on my energy level. lol} You are sooo happy when you wake up. Your favorite toys are still the mermaid car and the house David Papa got you. You and Brayden play with these all the time. This month hasn't been alot of fun. You had a really bad rash which I thought was diaper rash but no matter what I used it never went away. Every time we changed your diaper your hand went down there and you scratched until it bled. One night I went to give you a bath and on your way in there you had scratched sooo much that you bled on my shirt. I think that put the icing on the cake for me. I felt sooo bad for you and knew you couldn't keep your hands from down there. I took you to the doctor the next day to find out that you had yeast {how in the world you got that....and to be sooo young...but I guess it's possible.} The reason it got so bad though is because you have eczema and it was acting up also. You also got a really bad rash all over your body. I first noticed a few rashy spots one Sunday while we were out shopping with Nonnie and Grand-daddy. We had gotten you out of your car seat and as I was putting you in your stroller and realized you had a little blotchy, dry spots on your side. I showed your daddy and he said it was probably nothing. 4 am that next morning, you woke up because you needed your diaper changed. I brought you into the living room, turned on the light to find that the same rash had moved to around your eyes on your face. This had me a little scared. I was afraid it would affect your breathing since it was on your face. I woke your daddy up and he looked at it. He didn't seem to think it was nothing. You seemed fine so I put you back to bed and when you woke up later that morning the rash had moved all over your body.....in your ears, on your scalp, all over your legs, arms, and feet. I took you back to the doctor and they said it was viral. They tested you for strep and that came back negative. They asked if you had been sick or been around anyone sick and I said "No." All they could tell me was...it was viral and there wasn't really anything they could do. The rash pretty much just had to run it's course. It ended up lasting 3 or 4 weeks or might of even been longer. It took forever to go away. Your daddy and Gam-me did research and believed it was roseola. It looked just like roseola and did everything roseola did. At the end of the course of the rash, it got worse before it got better. It didn't bother you but it was all over and we felt sooo sorry for you. Eventually, you started peeling. The peeling started at your scalp and over time the peeling eventually moved down to your legs and feet. You were even peeling around your ears. We put cream on you, but we don't think that seemed to help. After weeks, the body rash was finally gone. Thankfully, we haven't seen that rash since and hope to never see it again. :0) Enough about that....blah! You are taking more and more steps. You are crawling more than walking but we know it won't be long. Your words this month were: "ma-ma", "da-da" and everything is "goooddd." You and Brayden got an early birthday present from Nonnie and Grand-daddy. You two got new car seats. You seem to like them. You have more room and look more comfortable. You also celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving. We had a great day with family and ate lots of yummy food. Baby Girl you have grown sooo much this month. I can't believe it won't be long and we'll be celebrating your 1st birthday. I look forward to what the future holds for both you and Brayden, but I won't time to slow down. It seems to be going way too fast. Mommy and Daddy love you sooo much sweet girl and can't wait to see what next month holds for our 'lil princess!

Sweet, sweet Brayden - 11 months, already?! You are growing like a weed. One more month and you will be one! I can't believe it. Please....stop growing sooo fast. It makes mommy sad. You have grown alot this month. You are still currently wearing size 4 diapers and 12 month clothing. 9 month shirts were getting short on you and 9 month pants were high-waters. 12 month clothes fit you better. The shirts are perfect and the pants are a little big on your tiny waist. The length is a little long but I know it won't take long and you will fit right into them. Mrs. Kathy insisted on having her friend, Sylvia hem all your 12 month pants so they would fit you better. Sylvia hemmed just about all your pants within a day and they fit you perfectly now. :0) You have been teething like crazy. You have your 2 bottom teeth and the top ones are starting to come thru. You have been drooling alot but Mommy doesn't mind that. ;) You are on the same eathing schedule as last month; however, you no longer want baby food either. You've had the 'good stuff' now and don't want anything but that. What your daddy and I eat....is what you want. You like pretty much anything. You are a little 'iffy' about eggs. One day I gave them to you and you didn't seem to mind them. The next time I gave them to you....you didn't want it. You actually spit some back at me. haha So, I'm unsure if you like eggs or not. That's the only thing we've noticed that you don't care for. You are still drinking 7 oz. bottles of milk with your meals or a bottle of diluted apple juice. There have been a few times where you didn't want food and I just gave you fruit in your bottle. I know this is from teething because you really like to eat. You are still sleeping thru the night. Praise God you have been doing this since you were 8 months old. You still take a morning nap and afternoon nap too. Your morning nap usually ranges from 30-45 minutes for you. It's a little cat nap. You usually nap longer in the afternoon; however, you are a little unpredictable with this. You will nap anywhere from an hour to 2 hours {that is if I'm lucky!} You will usually lay right down for a nap but at night you will whine a little. I usually will go back in there a few times before you finally give in. I think you get so sleepy to where you fight sleep. Once you fall asleep, you are usually out for the night and don't wake up until around 7 or 8 in the morning. Your favorite toys this month are the same as last months. You and Bailey both love the mermaid car and the house with the swinging door. This month your daddy has taught you had to throw a ball. I had rolled it to you a few times but your daddy wanted you to throw it. haha As soon as he showed you how, you caught right on. You will throw the ball and then clap your hands. If someone else has the ball, you make noises to let us know you want it right back. You are sooo smart! You are still crawling but have taken a couple steps on your own. You don't seem too interested in walking right now. Your words this month have been: "ma-ma" (only when you are hungry), "da-da" and you make the sound "hhhmmm" when we give you something good to eat. Your hair is growing so fast. You've already had 2 haircuts. Both times your daddy held you and Gam-me cut it in our kitchen. It's sooo nice having Gam-me as our 'kitchen beautician!' ;) Your new thing you love to do is getting on the couch. We have to put you up there and you only get on the couch if one of us is sitting right there. You lovveeee sitting up there and crawling around to the other side. You think you're really something! Sometimes you will sit up there and watch tv but you won't sit for long. You still love watching tv. You will stand right under the tv for minutes and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba or Barney. Those are your favorite these days. You also celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving this past month. We took a trip home to David Papa's, Gam-me's, Nonnie's and Grand-daddy's house. We ate lots of yummy food and you ate and ate. I think aunt Connie and cousin Candace finally just had to stop feeding you. lol You have grown sooo much this month Brayden. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know. We can't wait to see what next month holds for our little slugger!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just because

I have the best husband a girl could ever ask for. Brandon and Brayden came home with these flowers last night for me and Bailey. Brandon said that it was Brayden's idea to get us flowers...he picked them out and even bought them himself. ;) Now, how did he know those flowers were his momma's favorite?! Such sweet boys I have!!

Look who's walking!!! - Video

Bailey's been taking steps and gradually taking more and more steps.
I think it's time to officially say....this girl is walking!! Did I mention...she really thinks she's something now. haha We figured they would be walking before their first birthday.
Brayden has been taking more steps too.
Last night our little man took 17 steps....from the couch to the center of the living room.
I know it won't be long before Brayden is walking all over the place too.

Christmas train ride - Pics & Videos

We went to the mall the other day...in attempt to finish our Christmas shopping. That didn't really happen. We ended up riding the train. haha My dad and Brandon rode with Brayden and Bailey the first time. Bailey enjoyed it sooo much that my mom and I took them a second time. Bailey actually shocked us...we couldn't believe how much she loved it. She smiled and stood at the back just about the whole time. I followed them around videoing and everyone that saw Bailey was either laughing at how happy she was or asking if she belonged to us. When she got a little ways from me, she would holler. It was her "happy" holler. haha You can hear her in some of the videos. It was really cute. Brayden enjoyed the train ride too but wasn't as into it as Bailey was. It might be that he hasn't been feeling too good because he's been cutting his 2 top front teeth. Poor baby!


I had another good video of when they took off the first time but for some reason it won't upload. I think it might be too big. Oh well...at least ya'll got to see these. :0)

By far the cutest stocking stuffers I've ever seen!

{Mom and Dad, ya'll are cute too...but, I'm talking about Brayden and Bailey. lol}
This was Brandon and I last year before Christmas in the same stockings.
{I was on bedrest and not supposed to be out and about...but I do believe Brandon might of been pushing me around in a wheelchair.} :0)

and just for kicks and giggles...
this was me last year around this time.
HOLY SMOKES...I was huge!!
{32 weeks}

Monday, December 17, 2012

Our 2012 Christmas Card

{Sorry I've been MIA here lately....we have been some busy bees! I'll try to catch up real soon.}

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Today is 12/12/12

and Bailey Bug took 8 steps this morning!!!! :0) If it were only 12. haha Hey...I'm happy with 8!! Little Brayden took 4 steps today too! These babies are really gonna be on the move here soon.
{As if they aren't already. lol} :)'

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1st Playdate

We had our first playdate yesterday at my friend Stephanie's house. She also has boy/girl twins...Grayson & Anna Claire. They are 15 months old. They live about an hour away from us. Luckily, Brayden and Bailey slept the whole way to their house. They were well rested by the time they got to meet Grayson & Anna Claire. :) They had to get used to each other when they first met. All four of them were pretty clingy to their mommas; but, it didn't take Brayden and Grayson long to warm up to each other. The girls sorta did their own thing. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. I did try one time but by the time I got my phone they all moved. Maybe next time. I'm so excited because they now have their first friends and I have someone to talk to that understands what life is really like having twins. lol 
As soon as we turned off their road, Brayden fell asleep and Bailey was right behind him. They were so worn out they slept the whole way home. I must say...I enjoyed the peace and quiet. I got to listen to Christmas music the whole way home. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pictures with Santa

Brandon's mom and I took Brayden and Bailey to see Santa on Saturday while Brandon was at work. I knew Brayden would do just fine with Santa. Bailey, on the other hand, I figured she wouldn't like him and guess what?!
I was right!
Typical Santa picture, right?!
I tried my best for Bailey to get used to him and I held her while we talked to Santa.
Unfortunately, that still didn't work. Bailey was fine as long as I was holding her.
Brayden sat on Santa's lap the whole time. At one point he just looked around and was smiling at everyone watching. He knew everyone was watching him.


So, when Bailey gets older and asks why there's more pictures of Brayden with Santa....
I'll just show her this. lol!
Good thing I didn't pay for these!! haha :)'

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall pictures

When Brandon and I went home for Thanksgiving,
I couldn't help but take a few pictures in the beautiful leaves.
 Brandon's parents live in the country and there were leaves all over the ground.
 They were absolutely beautiful.
I figured alot of you would like to see some of these pictures since
you don't really get to experience this season.

 Brayden and Bailey with Brandon's parents.