Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ogden Park

After nap time last Saturday, we headed to the park to enjoy a little bit of the 
warm weather before it got back chilly this week.

They love climbing up this thing....which scares me but I'm fine with it as long as someone's right there.

Brayden now likes to race his daddy.
A few weeks ago we took B&B to this same park and Brandon taught them how to 
'skip rocks across the pond' of course they had to do it again this time.

Racing daddy-o again.

{Below: Video}
Brayden & Bailey loved watching the fish and turtles.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jenn's Baby Shower

On Sunday, we had my cousin Jenn's baby shower at my parent's house.
Jenn and Chris did baby Liam's nursery in I figured what better theme than baby Di's.
The food table.

Dinosaur nuggets
{My aunt Dena gets full credit for these. ;) I completely forgot ours in our freezer at home.}
Jenn's corsage I made.
I thought he turned out cute. :)'
Some of the family.

I was so excited to show them the dinosaur with Liam's name on it.
Grandma Pat and my aunt Dena
Chris' mom {Grandma-to-be}, with my cousins Hailey and Casey.
My aunt Mam-me {Jenn's Mom} and family friends.
The daddy-to-be Chris.
Miss Brylee
Another aunt....Nanny

Jenn & her aunts

Soon-to-be parents

My mom and some of the kiddos.
My cousin Jazz

Hoop & Jazz

B&B's cousin - Braxton
Another of the twins...Mina or Mya. lol

We had a house full!!!

Aunt Dena

I was shocked Brayden could still fit into the Bumbo. lol
I just knew he was going to get stuck.

Chris was so funny.
He didn't know what some of the stuff was for so Jenn had to explain it to him.

B&B's cousin Jayden

These 'lil sneakers got caught getting into the chips.
Bailey got them and then handed them to her brother.


B&B's twin cousins - Mina & Mya

All the kids getting their grub on. :)'
{Notice my cousin Matt-Matt and Brandon in the background sweeping.
I told them I had to get a picture of that.} hahaha

This is what a proud Grandma looks like.

I'm looking forward to that sweet boys arrival!!!!