Sunday, November 29, 2015

Huggin' like mama & daddy

Fun at Aunt Stephanie's - Videos

Santa flies in - Pics & Videos

Every year Santa flies in on a helicopter to start the holiday season at the mall. He made his grand appearance the other week and we were there to greet him.
{Below: Video}

Brayden & Santa fist pump!!
{Below: Video}

Brayden waving at Santa.

Brayden & Bailey talk to the big guy.
{Below: Video}

Quality Cousin Time

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday

Brandon blowing out his candles on the cake we made him. :)'

Spider-Man & Rainbow Dash

cowboy hats & baseball

Brayden helping Laney dunk - Video

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our little turkeys

-- I made this little turkey so everyone can see 
that I am very thankful because God has been good to me. --

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lazy Rainy Dayz

Halloween 2015 - Pics & Videos

I'm a little late on this post. Better late than never. ;)
We spent Halloween morning at the doctor's office. At that time we were still dealing with good 'ol ear infections. Brayden & Bailey wore their costumes all day...even to the doctor.
We were there for 2 hours and the whole time we waited....
Brayden and this little girl flirted thru the glass.
That evening we headed to a church by the beach for Trunk-or-Treat.

The kids got tons of candy.

 They enjoyed bouncing and sliding.
{Below: Videos}
 Our little dare devil going down head first.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Pre-school Fall Festival

Our little Iron Man & Rainbow Dash before heading to school...

Brayden & Bailey's class walking up to the fall fest. 
Seeing all the kids in their costumes was the cutest thing. It brought tears to me eyes.

Happy to see their daddy!!

 Brayden & Bailey enjoyed playing the games but I think this was their favorite....

B&B with one of their teachers.
{Mrs. Eakins}

 Bailey had to make sure Mrs. Eakins & Mrs. Carsten watched her slide.

Brayden and his preschool best friend, Spencer. 

This little girl hung tight with me while I worked B&B's class booth. :)'