Monday, March 30, 2015

Life Lately

It's always fun to see what the kiddos make at church. Brayden & Bailey were so proud this day. We could definitely tell which was Bailey's and which was Brayden's. One was very girly and the other was...well, like a boy would do. :)'

These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we visited Nonnie's school. 
We got to see Freddy while we were there.

This is also from a few weeks ago when we were at my parent's house.
Hanging out in the backyard. Have I mentioned our kids love Cheetos?!
One of the many trips to Lowe's.
Brayden & L-Bug hanging out in the clubhouse.
We celebrated a special someone's 2nd birthday.
The beautiful blooms on our bradford pear.
According to Brayden & Bailey...."it snowed."
Afternoon movie with daddy.
The cutest Alfalfa's I've ever seen.
Sunday snuggles {after church...of course.} :)'
Brandon's first softball game.
Another trip to Lowe's.
Look at those smiles.
Love those sweet faces!!
I'd say we wore them out. :)'
These little toes are ready for Easter.
{Bailey wanted one foot pink and the other purple. I convinced her to let's do every other...but I didn't win with the nails. One hand is pink and the other is purple.}
"Hey mom....take my picture with Bebo."
The kid is obsessed with our dog.
And that would be our life lately according to my phone. :)'

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New swings - Videos

Bailey's starting to get it; however, she'd rather me or her daddy push her. 
She likes to go high.
They lovvveee swinging like this....
They'll complain about their tummy hurting. I wonder why. lol 
Then....they are back at it again. :)'

A day for play - park fun!!

Another beautiful day...enjoying the sunshine!!

Brandon taught Bailey how to swing on her own. We recently got new swings at our house. Big boy & girl swings. I'll post a video of her swinging soon. This picture was taken at the park when he was teaching her.


"Cousins are connected heart to heart...
distance and time will never break them apart."
According to Brayden, they are his "friends."

My cousin sent me this video. 
When I turned it upright, you couldn't hear it; so, sideways will have to do. :)'

Our little leprechauns

We've had gorgeous weather here lately. And, when I say gorgeous...I mean 70 and 80 degrees. We've been playing outside alot. We spent majority of yesterday outdoors.

 We ended our day with a trip to Sam's with one worn out kiddo.

Bring the warm weather. We are ready for it. :)'