Wednesday, February 24, 2016

miniature donkey & horses - Pics & Videos

While riding around last weekend...we came across these miniature horses and donkey. Of course we had to get out and pet them. They wouldn't come to us at first. They just laid there being lazy. I told the kids we have to figure out a way for them to come to us. We decided to say "nayyyy, nayyyyy." Believe it or not, that actually worked. They came right to us. Too bad we didn't have any food to feed them. The kids would have loved that.

Bailey was on cloud 9. This kid loves animals. She didn't wanna leave.
Brayden was a little hesitate about touching them at first...but once Bailey did...he did.
{Below: Video}

{Below: Video}
On the way home...Bailey told us she wanted to be a farmer with a lasso so she could get the horses and donkeys back in the fence. After that she sang "I wanna be a cowgirl" the whole way home. lol

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

roller skates - Videos

Brayden & Bailey got roller skates. They tried them out for the first time the other night. 

Bailey was pretty careful. She hung on to whatever she could.
Of course they did not want any help.
{Below: Video}
Brayden just took off. He'd fall..get up and go again.
{Below: Video} 
I don't think it'll be long til they get it down pat. Just a little practice. :)'

Preschool :: Valentine's Party

Brayden and Bailey had their Valentine's party at school last week. 
It was a "friends only" parents invited. 
They have the sweetest teacher, Mrs. Eakins and she sent me pictures.
They had cookies...

and exchanged valentine's. 
The kids came home with bags full of treats. We had alot of fun going thru the stuff. 
I was shocked to see that our kids were the only ones who wrote their valentines. 
Proud mama moment

They also made Valentines for us.
Holidays are so much more fun with kids!!

Valentines - {Pics & Videos}

Brayden and Bailey did valentines to give to their friends at school. 
Bailey picked My Little Pony and Brayden picked Ninja Turtles.

Bailey was a busy girl. She wrote all her valentines with each of her friends names on them and even signed her name. Her hand got tired so we did some in one morning and she finished hers up that evening. I was so proud of her for writing hers. She really enjoyed doing it. 

Brayden played while Bailey wrote hers. He wasn't as interested. I told him he needed to write his valentines and he said "all of em?" I convinced him to write his name on a few so he did. He didn't do many and then took a break. That evening I told him..."Brayden, you need to finish your valentines." His response was "not again." lol Bailey immediately said "I'll help you." When we got home that evening Brayden wrote a few more and then he was done. Bailey {the sweet sister} wrote all the friends names on his cards and even signed his name.

Bailey hard at work.
{Below: Video}
Bailey's valentines all done.
Back at it again...doing Brayden's.
Brayden wrote his name on 8 of them.
{Below: Video}
Guess that's a prime example of the difference between a boy and a girl. lol
Is this foreshadowing what school is going to be like. Yeah...probably. :)'

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Conner & Camden's Birthday Party

We celebrated our cousin's Conner & Camden's birthday this past weekend. What better way to celebrate than with baseball, cousins and a bounce house.

4-year check-up

Brayden & Bailey went in for their 4-year checkup. They are growing like weeds. They got their vision and hearing checked. They also got 2 shots. They are the shots they need to start kindergarten. The doctor recommended to go ahead and get them done. So...we did and we are set for kindergarten...even though it's over a year away...we got that stuff done.

"I'm hungry"

This is what we hear from the very second we wake up...."I'm hungry." It doesn't take long before we hear it again. Brayden is a.l.w.a.y.s. hungry. I have no idea where he even puts it. He gets that from his daddy. :)'

Preschool :: L is for Lobster