Wednesday, February 24, 2016

miniature donkey & horses - Pics & Videos

While riding around last weekend...we came across these miniature horses and donkey. Of course we had to get out and pet them. They wouldn't come to us at first. They just laid there being lazy. I told the kids we have to figure out a way for them to come to us. We decided to say "nayyyy, nayyyyy." Believe it or not, that actually worked. They came right to us. Too bad we didn't have any food to feed them. The kids would have loved that.

Bailey was on cloud 9. This kid loves animals. She didn't wanna leave.
Brayden was a little hesitate about touching them at first...but once Bailey did...he did.
{Below: Video}

{Below: Video}
On the way home...Bailey told us she wanted to be a farmer with a lasso so she could get the horses and donkeys back in the fence. After that she sang "I wanna be a cowgirl" the whole way home. lol

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