Saturday, December 31, 2016

Collin stayed the night - Pics & Video

Brayden & Bailey's cousin, Collin stayed the night the other night 
for the first time without his parents. They played and played before bed.
They ate breakfast and then we headed to "the jumpy place." 
{Below: Video}

Movies with Nonnie & Grand-daddy

We went to see "SING" the other day with Nonnie & Grand-daddy. 
It's such a cute movie.

Santa Cow

Christmas with Stef, Bobby and the boys - Pics & Videos

We went over the my sister's to celebrate Christmas with them and my parents. Me and the kiddos rode around on the Polaris. We had the best time. Tripp loved going fast and the kids didn't seem to mind it. Unfortunately, Christian wasn't feeling good so he didn't ride out with us.

{Below: Video}
{Below: Video}

Christmas Day 2016 - Pics & Videos

Santa came...

 Chippy and Sparkly Heart stayed an extra day.

Presents for both.
 The reindeer left their tracks.
{Below: Video}
{Below: Video}
{Below: Video}