Thursday, January 30, 2014


Snow much fun - Videos

Brayden & Bailey had alot of fun playing outside yesterday.
Here are a few video clips of the kiddos.
After Brandon pulled Brayden...he kept saying "Bay-e....sissy's turn."
I really think they have this 'taking turns thing' down pat. :)'

Listen to them grunting in the video below. lol
Below is the video that I was telling ya'll was so funny of Bailey...
and it didn't scare her one bit. :0)

**Ready, Set, SNOW** - Pics

These pictures are from yesterday.
We waited for daddy to get home from work and then we headed outside.
Unfortunately, we had alot of ice instead of powder-y snow but we still had fun. :)'
{When Bailey saw the snow first thing that morning...
she said "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas."
For some reason she associates it with Santa Claus. lol}

They didn't understand why all their toys were 'stuck.' lol

Brandon managed to get most of the ice off their slide.  
Brayden & Bailey loved sliding down onto the ice.

We found Bailey's NEW sunglasses outside buried.
I was wondering where they were. lol
All Bailey wanted to do was swing. She kept telling me to push her. 
She was sitting on a huge piece of ice but she didn't seem to mind.
Then, Brayden decided he wanted to swing.
Bebo was sorta bundled up in his sweater that's way too small. lol 
He was definitely ready to go back in after a few minutes of running around.
Mrs. Kathy enjoyed playing with the kiddos for a few minutes.

Brandon pulled Brayden & Bailey on the turtle lid and they LOVED it.
I'll post some videos of it on the next post. ;)

The whole time we were out there....
Bailey kept sticking her tongue out. It was sooo funny.
Of course they didn't want us to stop pulling them.

"Stuck mama...stuck."
I'll have to post the video of Bailey going down this slide, too. It is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nemo bounce house - Pics & Videos

{Below: Videos}

Brayden & Gam-me's arm - Video

Whenever my mom is at our house...her and the kiddos always play on her ipad. 
This particular time was hilarious. Every time mom tried to do something, Brayden grabbed her arm and stuck it in-between his legs so he could do it.

We have snow.

Well, it looks like's more so ice.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Miss Priss & her sunglasses

Bailey literally tried on 
pair of sunglasses insight tonight for an hour. 
No lie.
 We finally had to make the decision for her. 
Since she kept picking the pink ones up, we picked pink.
I think she was happy with our

Friday, January 24, 2014

Block party our pj's.

Our Anniversary Weekend - part three

The last day we got up bright and early to head to the pool 
for some last-minute swimming before we had to checkout.
Brayden & Bailey wanted to wear our shoes. lol

B&B loved going down the water slides.
Bailey kept saying "again, again."

{Below: Videos}

Brayden liked going down the water slides, too...but Bailey loved it!!
{Below: Video}

Once we checked out, we made a pit stop by Bass Pro.
{This is 'our store.' Whenever Brandon was playing ball, we always went to Bass Pro....
somehow there always seemed to be one wherever we were.}
Brayden & Bailey loved seeing all the 'ish' and animals up on the wall.

That's it folks. That was our weekend. :)'