Tuesday, September 29, 2015

me & mini-me

What can I say?! The gym and preschool wear us out. :)'

2nd S⚽️CCER GAME - Pics & Videos

The kiddos had their 2nd soccer game this past Saturday. 
This game wasn't as good as the first only because the team we were playing only had 3 players to show up and one of the girls wouldn't even play. For the kids to play, they had to use one of our players {3 on 3}. It had to be totally confusing to the kids since there were 4 yellow jerseys and 2 red jerseys playing at the same time. One minute they were on the same team, the next minute one of our players were on the other team. Pretty confusing for 3-year-olds...but they did do good considering. 

Brayden scored 2 goals this game. Bailey was sooo close to scoring a goal. She had the ball right there and kept kicking it back and forth pass the net. It was so close. 

Now to the pictures. 

Brayden scores!!
{Below: Video}

He scores again!!
{Below: Video}

Bailey's big attempt. :)'
{Below: Video}

Monday, September 28, 2015

1st S⚽️CCER GAME - Pics & Videos

I can't even tell ya'll how excited I was for Brayden & Bailey's first soccer game. It was suppose to be a couple weeks ago but since we had so much rain that week....the fields were closed and they cancelled all the games. It was a complete bummer since I had been looking forward to it. We did end up playing the next Saturday. The weather was perfect. The kids did great!! Brayden scored 5 goals and Bailey scored 1. We couldn't believe how well they played. Talk about proud parents and Brandon didn't even get onto me for cheering yollering.

Now...to the good stuff. Tons of pictures and videos. I'm not kidding. :)'

They had team pictures the same day before the game. Can I say they did good for that, too!! I'm always thankful when things go smoothly. Shew. You never know. haha

 All ready to go in...

 Look at 'em go...

Brayden scores!!
Brayden scored his first goal!!!! He was so excited and we were too!!!
{Below: Video}

Break time
Back at it again...

{Below: Video}

Scores again!!
Watch how excited Brayden gets. :)'
{Below: Video}
Who's tired?!

Love this. Caught him in the air...scoring again!!
 {Below: Videos}

Get it girl!!
Love this action shot of Bailey.
Bailey scores!!!!!
{Below: Video}
 Game over and we killed the other team. Too bad they don't keep score. :)'

 High-five from their fans. ;)

Awesome 1st game!!