Tuesday, September 8, 2015

1st day of PrEsChOoL

Brayden & Bailey started preschool last week. They go 2 days a week for 4 hours. 
There's 16 kids altogether in their class. 

I'm happy to say their first day was a success. 

Brandon & I made sure everything was together and ready to go first thing that morning. Clothes were set out the night before. Lunches and backpacks were packed. Everything was ready for the morning to run smoothly.

The kids woke up at their usual time. They had breakfast and got ready for their first day.
After taking a few pictures, I walked the kids to their class.

 The teachers and other classmates were outside doing the car line so I was able to snap a few more pictures. {We didn't do the car line the first day. I wanted to walk them in.} :)'
 They wanted to make a funny face.

I showed them where to put their stuff. 
I held them up so they could hang their backpacks up.

 They played and waited for the others to come in.
 Once everyone got to the classroom, I asked them to clean their stuff up and they did. I couldn't believe how well they listened to me. I gave them a hug and a kiss like we always do and they were fine. They went to the carpet like their teacher asked and I was well on my way.
 Last picture before walking out.
No tears were shed. That's a plus. I handled it better than I thought I would. I was happy that they were fine. They were excited about starting preschool. Brandon and I picked them up. We got there a few minutes early and were able to peek into their classroom. They were singing and dancing with their teacher. We could tell they had had a good day and were happy to be there. They told us all about their first day on the way home.

Thank you God for a great first day!!!
On our way...

Brayden & Bailey got their bags at the end of their first day. They carry these with them back and forth to school. It's super cute because their almost as big as the kids. :)'

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