Thursday, October 27, 2016

Swingin' with Gam-me - Pics & Videos

{Below: Video}

{Below: Video}

SuMmEr MoViE

Another day at the Splash Pad


Fun with Collin

Chad, Amanda and Collin came to visit. We went to the 'jumpy place' and the beach.

Father's Day Weekend 2016 - Pics & Video

My parents came down for the weekend. 
Dad had recently had foot surgery so we hung out around the house most of the weekend.

Brayden & Bailey had fun on Pa's knee scooter.
{Below: Video}

Summer Vacation :: Myrtle Beach

Brandon had a few days off so the 4 of us took off to Myrtle Beach.
We stayed at a different hotel than what we usually stay at. There were several pools around the hotel as well as a little water park. It was perfect for Brayden & Bailey.

 I told Bailey I wanted a picture of her and this is how she

We rode rides at night.

Brayden wanted to start wearing boxer briefs instead of briefs.
Bailey got new earrings.

We had the best time. Can't wait 'til next summer.