Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Brayden's baseball games {part 1} - Pics

This post is really late. This was back in April when Brayden played wee ball.

Brayden played for the Boston Red Sox. This was his 1st season of playing baseball. It was like a dream come true for Brandon and I. This was a day we couldn't wait to come....to see our little boy play baseball and follow into his daddy's footsteps.

Brayden Yarbrough
Luckily...Brandon would get off just in-time for Brayden's games.

Love this boy!!

Coach Jones & Brayden

Brayden & Will
{Their daddy's played church softball together and the boys ended up being on the same team.}

Brayden's fan club :)'

Potty break

Love this pic of these two!!
The first time Brayden caught.
Proud. Parent. Moment.

The girls were not always interested in the games. :)'

Bailey, Zoey and Rylan

Brandon's mini-me

This boy runs just like his daddy.....
and stands like him, too.

Will & Brandon

Brayden & Mrs. Kathy

 Bailey, Kora and Brayden
 Signing his first ball. <3

 Brayden & Kain

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Great father and son moments