Saturday, August 30, 2014

"You are so boo-be-bul" - Video

This child LOVES to sing. My parents recently got them The Little Rascals movie and she quickly learned the words to You Are So Beautiful. She's been singing it ever since.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Carolina Beach

The other afternoon we rode to Carolina Beach just for Britt's.
The. best. doughnuts. everrrrr.
If you are ever in that area, it is a must try. It makes my mouth melt just thinking about it. Unfortunately, they were we hit Krispy Kreme on the way home. Krispy Kreme used to be my absolute favorite. If you've ever had Britt's you'd understand why they're now our top choice. Luckily, there are other things to do so we let the kiddos ride a few rides while we were there and then called it a night. We would have stayed longer but it started pouring.

B&B's other grandparents {our neighbors} went with us.
We ran into Doc McStuffins.

Something about these cars our kids love.

Bailey wanted to ride the dragon and Brayden wanted to ride the train so that's exactly what they did. This was the first time they had rode a ride by themselves. I was a little scared with Bailey riding the dragon since it went up in the air and there wasn't much keeping her strapped in. She did fine. Thank God. She loved every second of it which I knew she would...and she actually stayed in her seat. Hallelujah.

Brayden was perfectly content on the train. It was a little slow. Well, alot slow but Brayden didn't seem to mine. He was such a big boy riding by himself. We were very surprised they wanted to ride something without the other.

Slip 'N Slide

I'm ready for fall but we're still enjoying summer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grandmother's 80th Birthday Party

We celebrated Grandmother's 80th birthday this past Sunday {Brandon's grandma.} We had a cookout at the lake, swam and ate some delicious food. :)' 
Some of the family.
Grandmother - the birthday girl!!

There's 3 sets of twins on this side of the family...including ours.

Brandon's other grandma - Grandma Yarbrough.

This picture cracks me up. It looks like Brandon's mom is getting off a horse and my mom looks like she's picking her nose {she's not though.} haha

Dot - the pinata.
We named it after Grandmother. ;)

The kids had alot of fun hitting the pinata.

The other set of twins.

Grandmother & all the great grandkids that were at the party.
GOOD GRAVY...look who's 80!!!!!
Eighty & Excellent. ;)

Bailey has really taken a liking to her uncle Chad.

She loves Todd, too. :)'
The kids were so funny. They would run up the hill to the building just to run down and fall into the water. Some of them made a nose dive into the sand before they even made it to the water.

And their off.

That was our day.
80 years ago...
on what otherwise might have just been an ordinary day,
the world got you. Happy Birthday Grandmother!! 
We hope you had an amazing 80th birthday. We enjoyed celebrating you. :)'