Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brayden & Bailey are 3 months old!

Bailey Boo ~ Our precious little girl. You are sooo alert these days. You don't want to miss a beat. You move your little head around every which a way to see what is going on around you. You are rolling over like crazy. Pretty much every time we put you on your stomach...within a second you are on your back. You love watching tv. I've recently started turning cartoons on for you to watch and you love it. You have started fighting sleep but once you fall asleep you are usually out { night at least.} You recently started eating 5 oz. We feed you 2 tsp. of rice cereal at your last feeding at night and you love it. It fills your little tummy right up and you have recently started sleeping through the night. This makes us very happy!!! :) You usually wake up between 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning to eat. For the past 2 weeks, you've been a little fussy. We thought it was an attitude but here recently it has gotten worse. Your daddy and I took both you and your brother to the doctor and they think you two have acid reflux. You are taking medicine for it and we have already noticed a diffference. You have been pitiful. You have wanted to be held non-stop. I haven't been able to put you down. We are so glad you are feeling better. You are wearing 0-3 month clothes now and size 2 diapers. You have the most "bea-u-ti-ful-ist" blue eyes and the perfect smile! If your not surely let us know....and nobody is happy! Your hair is growing like crazy. It's lightened up a's still light brown with blonde underneath. You have been drooling like crazy. You have also been trying to put your fist in your mouth. My motherly instincts have been telling me that you and your brother are teething...when we took you to the doctor they said you probably were. When we're in the car, you usually fall asleep but not right away. It takes you a few minutes and then your out. I have to rock your carseat if you start crying. I'm ALWAYS singing to you and your brother. You love for me to sing to you. I know your dad gets tired of hearing me sing. We are always in our own little world. :) You like for me to sing "Zaccheus was a wee little man..." I remade the song and I sing your name instead. Your daddy has gotten where he sings it to you too. I also rock and sing "Boogie boo" to you and your brother to help you fall asleep. Gam-me made this song up and used to sing it to me when I was a baby. You have grown so much this are growing way too fast. You are weighing 11 lbs. 8 oz. I can't wait to see what next month holds for our little princess.

Little Brayden ~ Our happy little boy. You are always content. You are always smiling. You usually only cry if your hungry and sometimes when you smile at the same time. It is the cutest little thing. If your sister gets have started to get upset too. You love staring at her. It's soo sweet.You have started fighting sleep as well. You aren't sleeping thru the night quite yet. You are still enjoying eating 5 oz. every 3 hours. If we are lucky, you may go 4 hours during the night....5 at the max. You two have officially outgrown your swaddles. You are now wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 2 diapers. You have officially by-passed your sister....ya'll were always 1 oz. off when you were inside of me and now you are a pound ahead of her. You now weigh 12 lbs. 9 oz. We wondered how long it would take for you to bypass her. You are one heavy boy! Before long you are gonna have to carry me around. You too have been a little fussy here lately but it's because of the teething and acid reflux. It breaks my heart sooo bad to know that something is hurting you and your sister....and you can't tell me what it is. You are still making your 'chooing sounds like crazy. I love talking to you and Bailey. You try sooo hard to talk back to us. You love sitting in your boppy and watching tv. You also enjoy swinging in your swing. You love to look at the bright animals on the side of it. You recently have noticed you have hands. You like to make fists and look at them {especially your left hand.} Gam-me recently bought you a rattle ball that you can hold and you love it. Since you've noticed you have hands...I have been trying to show you that you can hold it yourself. I know it won't be long and you'll be throwing it. You have started to watch us when we talk and do stuff with our mouths and you try to do it also. You have the most precious smile and your face just lights up when you see us or hear our voices. Your eyes are still blue with a tint of gray. Your hair is still a redish color which amazes us sooo much! haha  You are such a good traveler. Usually as soon as we get in the car, your fast asleep. We can go somewhere and be back home and you won't even know you went anywhere. You too are growing way too fast. I can't believe how much you've grown already. I can't wait to see what next month holds for our little smiley! {oh my gosh just pushed your paci back in your mouth!}

Brayden & Bailey ~ I know ya'll probably get tired of the camera flashing in your faces but I want all the pictures I can get because you're growing so fast. Before we know it you two will be running around all over the place and we won't be able to keep up with ya'll. We can't believe your already 3 months old. It seems like yesterday ya'll were born. We can't imagine life without ya'll and we love you two soooo soooo very much! We wouldn't trade being your mommy and daddy for nothing in this world. Here's to another month! :)

Mommy & Daddy 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Brayden & Bailey - 12 Weeks Old

Say a prayer for us....we've had 2 fussy little munchkins.
Is this some stage they go thru or what?!?!
We keep hoping each day will get better.
If I only had 2 more arms!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brayden & Bailey - 11 Weeks Old & Weekend Recap

Brandon & I made an unexpected trip home to our parents this past weekend.
I got a phone call Friday morning saying my cousin was having an emergency
c-section. She was having a few issues and they thought it were best if they took her in. Thankfully she delivered a healthy precious little boy. I'm sooo glad we were able to pack up and head home to welcome little Braxton to the world.
While we were home we also visited Brandon's side of the family.
Brayden & Bailey had their first sleepover at Nonnie & Grand-daddy's house
{of couse Mommy & Daddy were there too!} :)
Overall we had a great weekend seeing our family
but it's always nice to get back home.

AND can I just say...........I have the best husband in the world.
I'm so glad God put us together. He's exactly what I prayed for and I'm sooo grateful!
He helps me sooo much. 
Brayden and Bailey couldn't ask for a better daddy!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Brayden & Bailey - 10 Weeks Old and 2-Month Checkup

Brayden and Bailey were scheduled for their 2-month checkup a week ago Friday...however, both of them had been sick so I rescheduled it to this past Friday. I dreaded taking them to the doctor sooo bad. I hated they had to get their first shots. Fortunately....both of them did great. They both cried for a second while they got their shots and then they were fine. Over the past few days their little legs have been sore but each day they seem to be getting better.