Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We had a few visitors today.
Jane and baby Leo swung by as well as Sara and her girls.
I finally got to meet baby Leo for the first time in person.
Those pictures of him weren't doing this 'lil guy justice.
I was so excited to finally get my hands on him. :)'
All the kids had fun playing.

 Amelia was the "little mama" while she was here. 
She helped all the kids into the swings, snapped them in and pushed them.

 The mamas had fun catching up. ;)

Monday, February 24, 2014

SUNday FUNday with the grandparents

Yesterday after church and lunch we headed to the park.
Brandon's parents and my parents were both in town.
Our neighbors, Mrs. Kathy & Ray joined us, too.
 Brandon's dad and Mr. Ray
Ronnie told me to come sit on the other side so it would balance out. lol
Such a sweet father-in-law, right?! :)' Gotta love 'em. ;)

 Mrs. Kathy and Brayden
 Brandon and his mom

 My mom and Bailey

 My mom spinning Brandon and his mom.

 Brandon wanted me to spin with him so bad. 
I did even though 'spinning things' make me feel sick. 
I knew they wouldn't spin us too fast with Brayden and Bailey in there. ;)
 My mom spinning us. 
She actually did it faster than what I thought she could do.

 The guys hanging out.
{Minus my dad...he was back at the house napping.}
{Below: Videos}

Thank you Lord for our family and beautiful weather. :) :)

Tripp's Basketball Game

This past weekend while my parents were in town, 
we went to my nephew's basketball tournament.

 Isn't he handsome?! :)'
 My brother-in-law Bobby coached his team and my sister did the stats.

 My sister and Tripp
 Brayden and Bailey were 'ok' watching the game for the first few minutes...
then I had to pull out the iPads.

 My parents with their grandkids.
{Minus Christian...he was playing at another school.}

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our 2 cutie patooties

Olsen - Our new favorite place.

Brandon recently found this new park. We went for the first time Thursday afternoon when Brandon got home from work. It was literally 'park heaven.' There were tons of baseball fields. I felt like I was back at Spring Training with Brandon. Felt like home, but hard to believe this is right at our home. A 'lil Florida/Arizona in our backyard. :)'

This park is absolutely a.m.a.z.i.n.g. 
A fenced-in park....where your kids can run loose...heck yeah!! 
That's what I'm talking about.
With this field right beside it, oh yeah!
Notice the flooring on the field....it's like rubber gym floor.
Some of the other fields...with a volleyball court in the distance and a picnic area.

This park has just about everything a kid could want.
Why didn't they have this kind of stuff when we were kids?!
There were sections for different ages...
Of course, Brayden & Bailey played on it all. :)'

This was their favorite. They l-o-v-e-d this slide.
{Below: Video}

{Below: Video}

The swings were awesome, too.

and big brother does what sissy does.

Look out Spring days!! :0)