Sunday, June 28, 2015

Topsail with Nonnie & Grand-daddy

We spent a few hours at Topsail the other day when Nonnie and Grand-daddy came to visit. We fished in the waterway. Brandon was the only one who caught anything.

We played at the park for a few minutes then headed to the beach.

The Backpack Gang

There was one evening where Brayden & Bailey wanted us to all wear, we did. Luckily...they didn't expect us to wear them in the restaurant. :)'

DadFest + Carolina Beach // Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day. We started off at our church for DadFest. They put on DadFest for the first year and it was a huge success. They had everything from....bouncy houses for the kids to train rides, kayaking, fishing, antique car show, putt-putt, NASCAR simulator, golf simulator, rock climbing, trick bikes, home-run softball derby{Brandon got 2nd and our friend Matt got 1st -- He won $100} and chicken wing cook off. They had hot dogs, hamburgers and tacos for FREE. There were coolers set up everywhere with drinks and wet towels because it was so hot. They also had a mist tent where people could stay cool. They did several raffles. The dad's could win a rifle, Best Buy gift cards, Lowes gift cards and a grill. They also had a raffle set up at the fishing, biking and kayaking tent. Anyone could win this raffle. It included: several gift cards from a local outdoor store, t-shirt and visor, fishing poles, etc. My brother-in-law was definitely lucky that day. He walked away with a new fishing pole and a $200 Lowes gift card. Good thing I invited 'em. ;)
Now to the good
I'm glad we got to spend the day with these amazing dads.
My brother-in-law, my wonderful husband and my dad.
The guys and Bailey. :)'
Our nephew, Christian kayaked for the first time. He did great!!

Christian and Patrick kayaking.
Patrick and our nephew, Tripp fishing.
 Brayden with his aunt Step'anie.
 Time for food. I would like to know how many tacos we all ate. 
Talk about good.
Brayden & Bailey watching the BMX riders.
 Train ride selfie.

My mom and Mr. Lucky - our B-I-L.

{Photo Credit: Northside}
After DadFest, we went home for a little nap. Once the kiddos woke up, we {our fam and my parents} rode to Carolina Beach for dinner. The kids rode a few rides then we walked the boardwalk {which I love!!} and swang as the sun went down. {Why doesn't our beach have those wooden swings overlooking the ocean?! Get with it WB.}
Me and my main squeeze. xoxo
The perfect opportunity to take pictures. ;)

Bailey the daredevil. She'll ride just about anything. We have to tell her "no" to some stuff. Brayden stood back and watched on this one. 
He wasn't interested in going to "dragon land."
He did ride the carousel. He sat on the bench. lol

We swang and they climbed.

Love my parents.
 Brand-o with the kiddos.
How about on their way home my brother-in-law bought a lottery ticket and won $25. Lucky dog.