Monday, June 22, 2015

Fishing Poles - Pics & Videos

Out of the blue the other day Brayden said he wanted to go fishing. We're not quite sure where the idea came from {possibly our neighbor talking about fishing and shark attacks} but Brandon was all for it. The next morning, Brandon and Brayden were off to buy fishing poles. Brayden got a black one like his daddy's and Bailey got a purple one.
Talk about 2 excited kids. 
Brandon and I taught them how to cast. They loved it. Brandon tells Brayden he's gonna be the best caster in the world. That's what he's been doing ever since he got it. 
'Fishin' in the yard.
{Below: Videos}
Brayden picked it up pretty fast. I think his daddy showed him maybe twice. 

Miss Priss....well, she doesn't like for people to teach her things. She let us show her a few times but then she was pretty convinced she could do it herself.
We took the kids fishing at the marina after dinner. Check back soon.
I have a few funny videos. So funny I sent one in to AFV. :)'

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