Saturday, June 27, 2015

B&B's first fishing experience -Pics & Videos

Brayden & Bailey got new fishing poles. You can read about that here.
After teaching the kiddos how to cast, we took them to the marina to fish. Brayden was all about it until after the first fish was caught. He totally wasn't having it. Bailey, on the other hand, absolutely loved it. {That's why you will see more pictures of Bailey. Brayden stood back while we fished.}
{Below: Videos}
We fished with bread and the fish seemed to like it. :)' 
Of course, Brayden just wanted to throw the bread into the water.
{I caught the first fish :)'....we didn't get a video of that.}
proud. mama.
The fish took our bread.

{Below: Videos}
Bailey's 1st fish.
If you don't watch any of these videos, you have to watch this one. Brayden and Bailey's reactions are priceless. I submitted it to AFV.
Bailey: "I told you I wanna catch that fish."
Brayden: "Put it back in. I want it out."

{Below: Video}

To this day, Brayden wants to fish in the yard. He'll say he wants to go fishing but quickly changes his mind once we get there. I know this will change as he gets older but for right now....he enjoys fishing in our front yard and Mrs. Kathy's ditch. :)'

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