Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brayden & Bailey's 1st Thanksgiving - Part Two

We spent the rest of Thanksgiving Day with my side of the family at my Nanny's house.
{Below: All my cousins minus a few.}
There's 3 more than what we had last year.
Our family just keeps growing!! :)'
My mom holding Mina or Mya {to this day I still can't tell those girls apart}
 and Tashina holding Bailey Bug.
 Me with our two....my cousin Matt-Matt and Tashina with their two and little Braxton.
My sister and B-I-L with my dad.
Mina, Mya and my cousin Casey.
Tashina and one of the girls with 'Unkin' Greg.
Me & my momma! <3
My mom struggling holding two babies. haha
The girls with their brother Jayden.
My cousin, Matt-Matt holding Bailey.
 David Papa {my dad} holding Bailey and Mam-me {my aunt}.
Just about everyone in my family has nicknames.
Is this not the cutest picture of her just sitting there with her legs crossed?!
The other....{haha!}
Brayden & Bailey with their cousins! 
Braxton {8 months}
Mina & Mya {16 months}
Jayden {2 1/2 years old}
Bailey & Bayden {11 months}
I love these sweet faces!!
 My cousin, Danielle with her husband, Dustin and baby Braxton...
{and another on the way!}

I have to say...we had an awesome Thanksgiving.
I'm sooo happy we were able to spend time with our families
{and eat some yummy food!} ;)

Brayden & Bailey's 1st Thanksgiving - Part One

The first half of Thanksgiving Day we spent with Brandon's side of the family.
We had stayed the night at Brandon's parents. We got up and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and I was lucky enough to fall back to sleep for a little cat nap before lunch. When I woke up, Brandon was asleep on the floor in front of the tv and both babies had a taken a little nap too. It was a nice start to the day! Around lunch time we headed to Grandmother & Papa's where Brayden and Bailey had their first taste of turkey.
Aunt Connie and cousin Candace fed Brayden while Nonnie fed Bailey.
Both babies ate so much food.
 {Below: Brandon's mom with Bailey and all their boy cousins - Conner, Collin & Camden.}

 Our cousins - Cayce, Dustin, Candace, Grandmother, Brayden and aunt Connie.
 Brandon and his cousin, Todd.

 Brayden with his cousin Camden's play glasses on.
 Brayden and Camden
Todd & Bailey
 Me and Candace {and baby Laney!}
 Brandon's cousin, Candace is pregnant with her first. We can't wait for baby Laney to be here.
{The girl cousins - minus a few.}
Me, my S-I-L Amanda, and our cousins - Candace and Cayce.

Brandon's Papaw
After we had lunch at Grandmother and Papa's, we headed to Grandma Yarbrough's
{Brandon's other grandma.}
 Uncle Howard holding Brayden.
 Grandma Yarbrough
 Me and Bailey with some of her girl cousins on the Yarbrough side - Jada, Gracie and Natalie.
Brandon's cousin, Ashley with her daughter Gracie.

 It didn't take long for Brayden to fall asleep in Grandma's arms.
 Aunt Kim holding Bailey.
More to come. :)'

Stuffing their faces - Video

Doing what we do best! :)
Brayden is our 'lil smacker.
Bless his heart he only has his 2 bottom teeth
and one of the top ones just broke thru.
Brayden also likes to pack his jaws wtih food just like his daddy!
Bailey likes to see how much she can put in her mouth
and she has to see everything that's going on around her.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

First trip to Daddy's work

We took a little trip to Brandon's work the other day.
Brandon wasn't working so he went with us.
Brayden & Bailey drove the buggy. They were in hog heaven.
 They had to have both of their hands on both steering wheels. lol!
 They loved riding in Jimmie Johnson's car.
They thought they were something!