Monday, August 31, 2015

S⚽️ccer - Our first practice {part 2}

Little miss being shy.

Once Bailey went out on the field....she definitely let loose. She was a completely different child once she got off her hiney and started having fun. 
I guess she had to warm up to the idea.
She gave it her all...

and wanted to be beside her brother.


We love our 'lil ⚽️ players!!!

S⚽️ccer - Our first practice {part 1}

We have officially started our first sport. I have been so excited and waiting for this for months. B&B had their first soccer practice last week. We weren't sure how they were going to do. We figured Brayden might go right out there, but we were actually scared that if one didn't go...the other one wouldn't. 

Luckily, Brayden was a little shy at first but he went right out there and loved it. There was no stopping him. He was so into it. He always turned around to make sure we were watching and we were. I was standing there every single time giving him a thumbs up. :)'

Bailey became shy. She didn't want to go out on that field. We didn't pressure her. She stood right beside us and watched. We asked her a few times if she wanted to go and she didn', that was that. I was fine with it because I knew she would end up going {and she did.} She told us she wanted her brother to come get, Brayden did. He got her out there. Once she got out on the field, you could tell she loved it. She was so excited.

They practiced for an hour and you could tell they were all tired towards the end. I really think B&B are going to enjoy playing soccer. Since then they have asked several times about soccer practice.

I look forward to every week and they'll be starting games in a few weeks. 

Now, to the good of our little soccer players.
{The jerseys were not in yet....that's why their in their regular clothes.}

Part 2 coming right up. :)'

Preschool Open House

Brayden & Bailey are getting ready to start preschool. We went to their open house last week. We met their teachers and got to see their classroom. It was something to see their names hanging up on the wall.

While we were there...they had the parents write a note to their child{ren} for them to read on their first day. Brandon wanted to write, I took pictures. ;)
On our way.
Yarbrough family selfie.

Brayden's letter.
 Bailey's letter.

It's hard to believe that our kiddos are starting preschool. This mama is probably gonna shed a few tears on their first day. Hopefully not....but...I'm sure I will. I know it'll be good for them and they'll really enjoy it.