Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our 'lil 5 year olds

Brayden & Bailey the elves :: Preschool

Monster Truck Show - Pics & Videos

The monster trucks came close to where we live so we decided to take the kids. Brayden was all for it. We were a little hesitate about taking Bailey. This kid has never liked anything loud. Still to this day...if we go to the bathroom and there's dryers...the girl hollers and covers her ears.
This was the first and only driver that Brayden got his picture taken with 
and he ended up being our favorite.
{Below: Video}
All smiles.
Bailey took pictures with all the drivers and had each one sign her flag.
Brayden wasn't interested in all that. lol

They were proud of their flags.

{Below: Videos}
Bailey loved waving her flag around.
To our surprise she did great. I think she enjoyed it the most. 
There were a few times she covered her ears but she never complained. 
Brandon and I couldn't believe how well she did.

Love these kids!!

 Brayden {5} Bailey {5} Laney {3} Ellie {6 months}

Bailey loves to sing - Video

Justin Timberlake, 
If you ever need a backup singer...here's your girl.
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B&B got BB guns - Pics & Video

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