Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The 3 B's

Brayden, Bailey & Braxton
Whenever we're in my hometown, I always try to make sure 
Brayden and Bailey get to play with their cousin Braxton.
Their only a few months apart and they all love to play together.
Here's a couple videos that I was able to catch of them playing together 
and telling the customers bye at the store.
{I don't know what's so funny about carrying a football around in your mouth, 
but Brayden thought it was absolutely hilarious!! lol}
These 3 were so cute waving and telling the customers "bye." 
They truly are a mess.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our 3 youngin's

Church with Nonnie & Grand-daddy

First time at church 
without Mommy & Daddy, 
in church instead of nursery 
and supposedly they did great!! :) :)

{Farmer's Day 2013}

While we were home this past weekend, 
we got to see the Farmer's Day parade in Brandon's hometown.
For some odd reason, Brayden was really shy at first.
He wouldn't look up. He held his head down and just smiled. lol
Brayden & Bailey got to see their 1st parade. 
I think they enjoyed it, but after a while they got tired of just standing there.

Thanksgiving with Brandon's side of the family.

We got together this past weekend with 
Brandon's side of the family for Thanksgiving.
Aunt Connie had a table just for Brayden & Bailey.
 It's always hard to get a picture of all of us,
but somehow we managed to get 2 good ones.

 All the kids had a ball playing with the balloons....especially Brayden.
{Below: Video}
 Once we got back to Nonnie & Grand-daddy's, 
Brayden & Bailey got to open an early birthday present.
Yayyy for new tennis shoes. :) :)

Playdate with Mommy & Daddy

{Below: Videos}