Friday, May 31, 2013

{Brayden} Our social butterfly - Video

Brayden is such a social butterfly already. 
Whenever we are out at dinner, he always waves and tries to talk to everybody. 

Here's a video from last night.
{Excuse the whininess. When one gets loud, the other tends to do the same. lol}

Bailey climbing - Video

Bailey has really been climbing on everything here lately and it's been about to drive me insane. 
Brayden climbs too but he's not so much of a daredevil as she is.

{Bailey looking for her cousin, Christian. She saw him dart up the stairs and wanted to do the same thing.}
Her climbing on the stairs at my sister's house didn't bother me so much because I was right there behind her; however, she's been getting on the back of our couch and walking down the couch and pulling stuff off the walls. Spankings?! Yeah...but they don't work for her!! I think we might already be experiencing the terrible 2's!! lol

Hanging out with David Papa

My dad came and stayed with us some last week. 
Brayden & Bailey loved him being here.

Brayden & Bailey's picnic table

My dad recently built Brayden and Bailey a picnic table.
Isn't it the cutest?! It's just their size. :)'

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Danielle's Baby Shower for Miss Brylee

Here's a few pictures from my cousin's baby shower that my family hosted a few weeks ago.
Above: The diaper cake I made for Miss Brylee.
Below: My aunt Dena made the fruit baby. Ain't it cute?! lol 
I ended up eating his eyes, nose and my aunt sent the head home with me. :)'
Above: A friend of the family made Brylee's cake. It was so pretty. 
I also made the centerpiece with the hairbows.

My sweet husband and Dad came along to help watch the babies during the shower. :0)
I decided to change it up a little and make a diaper bassinet. I wasn't going to make a diaper cake at first like I usually do...but after making the bassinet, I decided to go ahead and make a diaper cake since the bassinet didn't take many diapers at all. I loved how it turned out.

Brylee got tons of cute clothes!!
Braxton, Bailey and Brayden liked playing with the toy trucks and the magnets on the refrigerator.

Jenn {Danielle's friend who is also pregnant} & Danielle.
Below: Bailey & Braxton watching people leave.
Brayden & Bailey playing.
Below: My mom & Danielle.....
and soon-to-be big brother, Braxton. :)'
Brayden & my mom.
When we were leaving, Bailey ran straight up to Jazz & Hailey's soccer goal.
We might just have us a soccer girl in the making. ;) 


I heard this song on the radio yesterday and wanted to share with ya'll.
{You can "x" the ad off the bottom of the video.}
I want my life to point others to you, Lord.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beach with the Baker's

My cousin and her family went and stayed at the beach for a week...
so, we packed up our family and headed down for a night. 
We had alot of fun going to the zoo, playing on the beach and swimming at the indoor pool. 

Have ya'll ever heard of a "Zee-Donk Zonkey?!" 
Well folks, let me tell's a zebra and donkey mixed and we saw one for the first time ever.
It looked alot like a donkey but with brown and white stripes. Pretty crazy, huh?! We thought so.

 Wouldn't you husband was just standing there and got pooped on!! Lol
I took this picture of Brayden when we left the zoo. 
I don't think he could have stuck his lip out any further. You can tell this baby is teething.
After the zoo, we ate lunch and headed to the beach.

 {Below: Braxton was too funny crawling on the beach. 
He didn't want his knees touching the sand. I managed to get a video of it.}
{Below: Video of Braxton}
{Below: Video of Brayden, Bailey & Braxton at the beach.}

{Below: Pool videos}

Monday, May 13, 2013

We're learning to feed ourselves...

And we make a mess!!
 These two are independent and do NOT want us feeding them.
They want to feed themselves.
 So, we give them a spoon and let them have at it....
 and then to the tub they go!!
{2 weeks ago}

Small Group Cookout

Several weeks ago, we got together with all our friends from small group for a cookout.
It was sooo good seeing everyone.
 Our group has grown alot. 
We have several new babies...
 including ours. :0)

 As you can tell, Brayden and Bailey loved being able to run loose.

 {Below: I love this picture. Brayden squatting down. 
He randomly does this and it's the cutest thing. 
No, he wasn't pooping. Lol 
I think we might have us another catcher!!}
 Wait up, Daddy!