Friday, July 24, 2015

Brayden swimming - Pics & Video

Bailey is a little fish. She swims all over the place with her puddle jumper on. Brayden has always hung on to our neck and won't let go....or....he'll stay right at the steps and that's as far as he'll go. Until the other day, he started swimming by himself {with his puddle jumper, of course.} I was so proud he finally realized that his swimmie will hold him up. Now he's swimmin' all over the place. No stopping him now.

{Below: Video}
2 worn out kiddos after swimming.
A different day.
Showing Pa how it's done.

Love this guy!!

"I can do this. I can do this." - Video

Crazy kids.

Letters in the sand

The first time B&B have sat down and wrote letters on their own...
letters T and H. I couldn't snap the picture fast enough and Brayden's H got washed away.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tripp's Birthday Party

We celebrated our nephew - Tripp's birthday the other weekend. 
Talk about a big party. There were about 50 kids at my sister's house.
 B&B loved the selfie station.

{Below: Video}

 I walked upstairs to tell Christian dinner was ready. I was expecting him to be in there by himself. I thought all the kids were outside...because it most certainly looked like it. To my surprise....there were more kids inside. lol A room full of boys playing video games. :)'

The birthday cake before Tripp's face ended up in it.
The birthday boy.
 My B-I-L was cracking me up with the selfie stick.

Bailey and aunt Stephanie. 
My sister told her to poke out her lips...gotta love her attempt. 
Little lips.
My sister, her husband, Brandon and I
totally photobombed.

Jordan Lake - part two

You can never have too many pictures. 
Here's part two from our trip to the lake.
Our family my cousin, Jazz.

More kayaking.

Bailey tubing the 2nd time with cousins.
{Below: Video}
Bailey tubing.

{Below: Video}
Cousins tubing.

{Below: Video}