Friday, July 17, 2015

Jordan Lake - part one

My aunt, uncle and cousins go camping at Jordan Lake every summer. They go and stay for a week. This year we were able to go and stay a night. It was Brayden & Bailey's first camping experience...going to the bath house and sleeping in a tent. The whole shebang.

Here we are headed to the bath house for a potty break.

Bailey wanted to ride her scooter up there but didn't want to ride it back...
so, Brandon and I rode it. :)'

Brayden & Bailey had fun playing in the road with their cousins. 
Our little puddle jumpers were ready to go swimming.
Love my peeps. 
Why go to the bath house when you can just go outside?! :)'
We were so shocked Brayden and Bailey wanted to tube. They loved it...especially Bailey.
Brandon & Brayden rode together. Me, Bailey and Jazz rode together.

The kids loved the kayaks {especially the pink one.}

Part 2 coming right up.

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