Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spit - Video

Nonnie and I were both busy doing different things. We heard the, we assumed they were ok. After Nonnie finished what she was doing, she went and checked on the kids. She came to me laughing....saying "you are not going to believe what they are doing." lol

I have no idea where they got this from. They called it spittin'. 

I just knew when Brandon's mom told me...that they were really spitting. To my surprise, they were just soaking the walls with hand sanitizer. 5 bottles to be exact. 

I guess they thought Nonnie's walls needed to be cleaned. :)'

They did get a good talking to....but after I got them on video.
{Below: Video}

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Lindsay Herkert said...

oh my gosh! Awesome that you got that on video! Looks like you guys are enjoying Summer! ☼