Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Candace's baby shower

Brandon's cousin, Candace is pregnant with baby Laney. When Candace told me she was pregnant, I got tears in my eyes. I knew it wouldn't be long but I wasn't expecting it so soon. I have been excited ever since. Little Laney will be living right behind us and I'm sure her and Bailey will be best friends.
{Hopefully they won't gang up on Brayden. lol}
Now to the good!
Brandon's side of the family and I hosted Candace's beach-themed 
baby shower at our cousin, Cayce's house.
Below: Susan {Candace's mother-in-law}, Candace and Connie {Candace's mom}
Me & the mommy-to-be
The food table.
Connie {Candace's mom} made the baby carriage. It was sooo cute!
 Candace's last name is Heath; so, I thought it would be cute to do 'baby Heath bars.'
I also did the Hershey candy wrappers to match the theme.

Brandon's mom got all the food together.
 My sister-in-law ordered the beachy cake toppers.

 I made the diaper cake with Laney's initials on it.
Laney Gray Heath

Brandon's mom did the shell centerpieces.

 My S-I-L was gonna make the banner but since she was sick,
me and Brandon's mom made it at the last minute.
It's hard to tell in the picture, but it says "It's a Girl."
I loved how the seahorses and starfish turned out.
 The cake table.
All the presents for baby Laney.
 The beachy umbrella wreath I made for the front door with baby Laney's initial on it.

 Camden {Candace's nephew} decided he wanted to hang out with the girls.
 Some of the ladies...

 Present time!

 We played a game where everyone had to remember these things
and then we covered them up to see what they remembered.
They were all things you would take to the beach with a baby.

 Toni {our cousin} won!
The corsage I made for Candace.
I loved how it turned out. I was pretty impressed because I've never made a corsage before. :0)
 We played another game where Brandon's mom went around with twine and we had to guess how big around Candace's belly was. Most of the women were off but there were a few that got really close.
My mom guessing...
and Toni.

Candace's lil booties and baby doll from when she was a baby.

 Brandon's mom blowing up the beach ball.
We passed it around and wrote messages to Candace and baby Laney.

I think the shower turned out exactly how we wanted it to. 
Now, we are just waiting on baby Laney to get here. :0)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today was a good day!

Church today was great. I just wanted to share with everyone that we had 7 people get baptized and it was sooo touching. Our youth leader baptized his little girl and it brought tears to my eyes. I could really feel the Spirit in our church this morning. The message our pastor brought was a-w-e-s-o-m-e and our service ended with one getting saved. God is sooo good!

If you don't attend church or maybe you do and just want more of God's word....I would like to invite you to watch one of our services online. You can watch it on Sunday mornings at 8:00, 9:30 and 11: 00 eastern time. All you have to do is log onto Once the webpage comes up, click on "media" and then it will ask you which stream you want. Pick the one you prefer and then it should come right up.

I promise there will be a blessing waiting right there for you...all you have to do is open your heart. ;)

**I hope everyone gets right before they get left. **

Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby shower for baby Layla

Our good friend Elizabeth is pregnant with her first, Layla Elizabeth. 
We had her baby shower a couple weeks ago at our church.
Brandon and I have been so excited for Chad and Elizabeth ever since we found out she was pregnant.
Our small group prayed and prayed for this miracle and God answered all of our prayers.

 Below: The diaper cake I made for baby Layla. :)'
{Her nursery is hot pink and lime green.}

 This is Autumn. Isn't she adorable? This is our friend, Sarah's little girl.

 Chad came to the shower too. He ate the whole time. ;)

We can't wait to meet sweet Layla!
It won't be long!!