Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Vacation with Nonnie & Grand-daddy - part 2 {Pics & Videos}

We went to the aquarium.
Nonnie was amazed. :)'

Afterwards....we walked around Broadway at the Beach and let the kids ride a ride.
{Below: Video}
Another day of swimming...
and sliding.

 Brayden walked up and down the stairs with Bailey and Collin. 
He wasn't interested in going down the slide.

{Below: Videos}
B&B started putting their head under water.

Brandon took Bailey's puddle jumper off...teaching her how to swim.
{Below: Videos}
I must of hit 'slow-motion' when I recorded this video. whoops!!

Our little shark that wanted to keep his puddle jumper on. :)' 
He loved wearing Collin's shark 'gobbles.'

Love these three.

Part 3 coming up soon.

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