Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Vacation with Nonnie & Grand-daddy - part 4 {Pics & Videos}

The last few pictures from our vacation...
The kids loved wearing goggles and even started swimming under water a little.

{Below: Video}

Back and forth to the different pools. So many options. :)'
{Below: Videos}
Our little fishies.

Brayden enjoyed drawing smiley faces on the beach.
Notice the eyes right above the straight line mouth. haha :)' Love it!!

Another smiley.
He was drawing everyone.
Back to the pool we go.
One last time down the frog's tongue.

The outlets are on our way home. How could we pass them and not stop?!

We had a wonderful time and hated for it to end. 
Brayden and Bailey are still saying they wanna go back to Nonnie's pool. :)'
Until next time.

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