Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fun at the Grandparent's

Brayden & Bailey love going to visit Brandon's parents and mine. 
Even though they live 2 1/2 hours away, we still go often. 

This was our most recent visit.

Playing at Nonnie & Grand-daddy's.

Brandon, his dad & I went digging for rocks.
We have been redoing our front flower bed and wanted rocks to outline it.
We ended up with a truck load of beautiful HEAVY iron rocks.
Brandon had to head back home before we did. He called on Facetime and surprised me. He had already laid all the rocks out. ahhhh....I love everything about 'em.
We hung out at Gam-me & Pa's.
I forgot about those ice-cream bowls. I got those when Brandon was playing ball. 
I love it that our kids get to use them now.
It always breaks my heart when we leave our parent's house. Bailey cries and cries. 
Thank God we are only a few hours away and can go visit anytime.

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