Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Preschool :: The Last Day {Water Day}

Brayden & Bailey were super excited about the last day of school. Not only was it the last was water day. The preschool rented several bouncy houses with water slides. The kids had a blast!!
 Mrs. Eakins {B&B's teacher} emphasized to them to bring a towel with their name on it. daughter did just that. Before we left the house I caught her writing her name on a towel. Such a good listener. :)' lol 
Before we headed outside....we had to grab a few things inside. The teachers had filled a bag of goodies for the kids as well as stuff they had made for the parents.

 The kids could not wait to get outside!!

 The kids with their teacher.

The preschool provided lunch.
 The kids got their bellies full...

and were back at it again. :)' 

 Towards the end....a few of the teachers slid down with the kids.

So thankful for a great first year of preschool. 
Brayden & Bailey had the best teachers and learned so much.

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