Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2nd S⚽️CCER GAME - Pics & Videos

The kiddos had their 2nd soccer game this past Saturday. 
This game wasn't as good as the first only because the team we were playing only had 3 players to show up and one of the girls wouldn't even play. For the kids to play, they had to use one of our players {3 on 3}. It had to be totally confusing to the kids since there were 4 yellow jerseys and 2 red jerseys playing at the same time. One minute they were on the same team, the next minute one of our players were on the other team. Pretty confusing for 3-year-olds...but they did do good considering. 

Brayden scored 2 goals this game. Bailey was sooo close to scoring a goal. She had the ball right there and kept kicking it back and forth pass the net. It was so close. 

Now to the pictures. 

Brayden scores!!
{Below: Video}

He scores again!!
{Below: Video}

Bailey's big attempt. :)'
{Below: Video}

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