Thursday, December 29, 2016

Halloween 2016

Right before we left the house on Halloween...
Bailey decided she wanted to be Twilight Sparkle.
{Of course...she wanted to change her costume at the last minute. 
Luckily, this was in her dress-up stash.}
Bailey as Twilight Sparkle
--My Little Pony--
 Brayden as Gekko
{PJ Mask}
 We always stop by Sylvia & Jerry's. We've done this since their very first Halloween.
Sylvia always has a special treat for them.
 After that we headed to a church at the beach for trunk-or-treat.

 My parents are usually with us every Halloween but my mom had been sick with pneumonia so they weren't able to come down. We did facetime with them so they could see us.

On the way back home...I decided to take the kids to a few houses to trick-or-treat. This was something new to them. They had never trick-or-treated until this year. {I'm kinda ashamed to say that....that's what I grew up on.} I drove thru the neighborhood and Bailey knocked on a few doors. By this point...Brayden was too tired and just wanted to sit in the car. As I walked up to the first door with her...I explained to her what to say/do. She loved the fact all she had to say was "Trick Or Treat" and people gave her candy. lol We ended up going home and Brandon stayed home with Brayden while Bailey and I walked around the neighborhood. We had the best time!!

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