Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas with Brandon's side - part 1

We used to always do Christmas with Brandon's family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...but since everyone has hectic schedules and a lot of us live out of town....we have started doing Christmas with Brandon's side before Christmas. We have been doing this for a few years now and it does make it easier. That way we aren't rushed to go somewhere else. 

This year we did Christmas with Brandon's immediate family the Sunday before Christmas and later that afternoon we went to Brandon's aunt Connie's house to celebrate with aunts, uncles and cousins.

Be ready for a major picture overload. :)'

Here are our pictures from Christmas at Nonnie & Grand-daddy's house.
 Bailey sat in front of the tree and I was able to get several cute shots of her. 
She never sits still for long.
Uncle Chad teasing Bailey about "his" Princess present.

 The kids were soooo excited about opening presents. 
They sat in front of the tree and picked one out....assuming it was theirs. lol

 Let the fun begin......
 Now this kid has been obsessed with opening presents. He hasn't gotten enough of it. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing...but he could care less what was wrapped up. He just enjoyed unwrapping.

 Bailey loved her dress-up beautician outfit from Chad, Amanda & Collin. 
The minute she opened it...she put it on...and it stayed on.

 Brayden was a little unsure about his basketball goal in the box. I knew he didn't exactly realize what it was...until we got it home and put together. The child loves it!!
 Brandon works outside....
everyone had to made sure he got plenty of stuff to stay warm.

 Once Brayden opened all his presents....he helped his daddy. ;)
 Bailey helped me.

 I was ecstatic when I opened Photoshop. I never thought I would own that. 
Talk about jumping for joy. Home girl was happy.

 Bailey helped her daddy open his big present.


 Brayden & Bailey thanking Nonnie & Grand-daddy for their stuff...

 Little did they know....there was more.

 Brayden was ready to ride.

 And they were off.

 Brandon's parents have a huge yard so the kids were able to ride all over.

B&B did good driving for the most part. We did have a few close calls. haha
 All smiles.

 Bailey loves dogs and when I say "love"....I mean "lovvvveeeeee."

Sweet Pebbles just hanging out. 

Papa & Grandmother rode over. 
 The kids took a break from riding and played with the Nerf guns.

 Bailey loves her uncle Chad. He's her 'lil buddy.
This picture makes me laugh. :)'
Looks like Chad is running for his life. lol
I'll post part 2 soon. :)'

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