Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Santa came!!

Brandon & I have always said we weren't going to overdo it with Christmas. We always want our kids to appreciate things {even though they may not understand now....we're in the process of teaching them.} We want them to understand that you have to work for what you get and everything cost money. Most importantly, we want them to understand the true meaning of Christmas. It's about Jesus' birth....not presents, not Santa & his reindeer. That being said....they asked for scooters and pow-pow's. They got the scooters they asked for. We didn't get the pow-pows {play guns.} They got several other little things. Nothing big....mainly Frozen & Turtle stuff. Looks like alot...but it wasn't. I just wrapped every little thing up since Brayden LOVES unwrapping stuff. I even wrapped their stuff that was supposed to be in their stockings. Santa & Mrs. Claus were up a little later than usual doing last minute wrapping. Oh wait....Santa left Mrs. Claus to do the wrapping while he watched a movie....;)...but he did put their scooters together. :)'

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