Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas with Brandon's side - part 2

On the way to Connie's house, these 2 passed out. 
They slept for a little bit in the car and then we decided to take them in. 
They slept through dinner and we woke them up in time for presents.
Pics of some of the family.

 B&B ate a little bit before they opened presents.

...then they were good to go.

 Bailey got a new Frozen shirt...so from here on out....she has it on. 
This is just a note to self so when I look back at pictures and 
wonder why our child doesn't match. lol 
Gotta love the blue shirt with the red pants.

 Papa giving the kids a gift.

 Brayden & Bailey were proud of their money.

 The kids giving Papa lovin'.

 I think someone was happy with their present.

 Bailey got Frozen stickers too....which ended up on a lot of people.
Todd was a good sport. :)'

 Conner already sportin' his new fleece jacket we got him.
 Papa & Grandmother opened presents last.

The girls were hiding from the boys.
I think they picked a pretty good spot. 

 Here comes the boys....
Camden, Brayden, Collin & Conner.
 I love my family.
 Gotta love Hannah's facial expression. lol

 Our familia.
 bRoThErS, sIsTeRs & KiDs
 Sharon & family

 Blake enjoyed photo-bombing Hannah & Jared.
 These 2 were in from out-of-state. I was happy to see them. 
I'm so glad they got to come home for Christmas.

 Connie & family

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