Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Week part 2

While Tripp and Christian were here they helped uncle Brandon plant our dogwood tree Brandon's parents gave us for Easter.
 Thanks Bonnie & Ronnie for our dogwood!! We love it!
 They also planted pumpkin seeds.
 These pumpkins aren't your ordinary pumpkins.
 It's common for these seeds to produce 400-500 pound pumpkins.
Looks like we won't need to buy pumpkins this year!! haha
 They also planted watermelon seeds. We love us some watermelon!!!
The next day we took the boys to see Rio.
They loved it! It's a really cute movie.
"Rio (2011) Movie Poster"
My dad drove down for a couple days to spend time with the boys.
We took the boys to Monkey Joes.

 They had alot of fun. Brandon and I wanted to slide down. (Not fair!)
My dad was exhausted by that afternoon (as you can tell...haha).
The next day we had lunch @ Smithfield's and took the boys back to the playground at our church.
Brandon insisted I go down the slide.
I was fine until I started climbing up the ladder. It didn't look that high but once I got up there I realized how high it really was.
Brandon wanted to go down with me. :) It was sweet. He wrapped his legs around me like I was his child. haha
Once the boys realized we were up there....they hollered for us to wait on them. They said...."we can go down the slide like a family."
Sooo that's what we did! The 4 of us!! :)
The ice cream truck drove David Papa (my dad) got us some ice cream.
.....after we ate our snack we played "around the world."

Dad even played with us! We had soo much fun!
 (My dad was pretty good. I was impressed!! haha -- He'll be sore tho.)
Bet'cha can't guess who won?!?!?!?
Aunt Stacey!!!!
 (well...Brandon, Tripp & Christian quit to go play with the airplane. Dad and I kept playing. Since they quit....that means I won, right?!??! -- haha)
Christian got this airplane for his birthday so uncle Brandon put it together for him.

 Brandon showed the boys how it's done.

 After a long day at the was time to head back home.
We had a wonderful week watching our nephews. They wore us out but I missed them as soon as we dropped them off.


The Herkerts said...

Those are some lucky little boys :) Looks like a fun-filled week!

MegnHarry said...

Seeing that Smithfields cup makes me miss home!! We don't eat there a lot as it's a little bit of a drive, but it is my favorite!!! Making my mouth water!