Thursday, April 7, 2011

HoMe SWEET HoMe *part ONE*

Honestly, I must has been sooo nice to be back home. The weather has been bea-u-ti-ful (although I've been sneezing my head off...the pollen here is unbelievable.) Brandon and I have already cleaned up our yard. Man, the grass was high and looked terrible. (Our poor neighbors) I mowed the grass for the first time in my life everrrr! (I actually enjoyed it!...Brandon was soo proud. haha)
(below: my Forest
So, we've decided what we want to do with our lives now that baseball is out of the picture...we've decided we're going to start a yard cleaning business. Our business will be "The Yarbrough's Lawn Service" and our motto is:
"Don't 'cha want a beautiful Yard, Bro?"

Cute, huh? Did you get it? I didn't at first when Brandon said it to took a few minutes. haha Say it to yourself out'll get it eventually. haha :) We're dorks. I know. We were just joking around.
The day after we got back, my parents came down to visit for a few days. It was soo good to see them. Brandon and I haven't seen them since we left for Arizona so it's been about a month. I know your probably thinking that's not a long time...but it is for me! haha While they were here....we ate alot (we do that anyways....haha)....Brandon started his lil' garden of corn.....I became "Stacey green-thumb"....we rode down to the beach....celebrated my birthday and just enjoyed our time together. I hated to see them leave. Here are a few pictures~
Over the past couple of years....I've learned to love inside plants. Now that we're home....I decided to plant some in our yard and I'm addicted...I must say. I've made several trips to get more.
**I'm getting more and more like my mom everyday!**
(Thanks Mom & Dad!!)
Aren't they pretty? We put one on each side of our deck.
Brandon planted corn. (Why...I have no idea. haha...We're gonna have enough corn for the whole neighborhood.)
Brandon dug the little hole and I stuck the seeds in.
(We act like we live in the country....we live inside the city limits. haha)
We had to plant the seeds outside the fence so Bebo wouldn't dig them up. We'll keep you posted on how our corn does. ;)
We also planted some flowers in the front yard. I'll have to post another picture tomorrow when there's light outside...we've added more since then. (I can't wait for the stargazers to bloom. Their my favorite flower. We used them in our wedding.
We put a fern by the back door too.
Ok, so I didn't realize how long this post was going to be. I'll finish this up tomorrow. ;)
Stacey sleepy!!

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