Sunday, April 10, 2011

HoMe SWEET HoMe *part TWO*

Sorryyyy....I felt like I've left ya'll hanging for a few days. Believe it or not we've been pretty busy and I'm getting behind on my posting. So, it's time to catch up! :) Let's seee....where did I leave yall....

Oh yeah~ (haha) so my parents stayed for a few days and we met up with my sister 1 day for lunch. It's not everyday we all get parents live about 2 1/2 hours away and my sister lives about an hour away from us. It was sooo nice to all be together! (We missed the boys tho....Bobby, Tripp and Christian.)
We also rode to the beach one day. Our house is about 6 miles from the beach
(which I'm gonna love this summer!!) 
I love this picture of my parents!! Aren't they darling?!?!
 So sweet.
It was a little chilly with the wind blowing so we didn't stay out there long. Dad just wanted to see the ocean.
My family loves to eat...if you can't tell! haha. My mom loves her some Cracker Barrel. Anytime she sees one...she has to stop. Thank GOD their in the process of getting one in their town. ;)
 Brandon and mom
 My dad loves his candy!!
Eating again....
Their soo crazy! I'm soo glad me and my sister got dad actually has 2 sons. :) I've always felt sorry for him living in a house with 3 women. haha
We did find time to celebrate my birthday. I have to say my husband is the BEST. He's sooo sweet. We thought my parents were only staying one night so Brandon wanted to make sure we celebrated my birthday while my parents were here. We got home one night and he came from the back bedroom and placed a tiara on my head. He told me I was his princess. :) It was sooo sweet. So...of course I knew something was up. I took Bebo out to use the bathroom and was talking to Candace (Brandon's cousin that lives in the house behind us) and when I came back in he had cake and ice cream on the table.
The cake was soo cute.
I have the best husband ever! :)
Brandon will not let me forget I'm older than him even though it's only a few months.
(Your right behind me honey!!)
Bebo loves his cousin Candace.....
and Dustin!! :)
(Candace's husband)
Bebo's soo spoiled. Can't ya' tell?!?
This birthday was sooo special. Usually...Brandon's traveling...& I only get to celebrate it with my parents or fly to where-ever Brandon is. This year....I got to celebrate it in OUR house with my w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l husband, parents, Candace, Dustin anddd Bebo.
Thanks Brandon, Mom, Dad, Candace & Dustin for making my birthday sooo special!! I love ya'll!!
P.S. Thanks honey for the board. I love it!
(We've been looking for one of these for forever...Brandon found this one and its perfect!...I have to write everything down or I'll forget it! -- That's not from getting older is it?) haha


The Denoves said...

You guys make me laugh! Hopefully we get to see you soon!

Megan said...

Y'all are SO cute! That picture of your parents is just adorable. I hope that my hubby and I are still that in love down the road! : ) It's so cute that he got you princess stuff for your birthday!