Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Christian's 6th Birthday Party

On Saturday....we celebrated our nephew, Christian's birthday.
He turned 6 years old.
The kids bobbed for apples. It was hilarious.
 Our other nephew, Tripp.
He was soaked!
The girls just watched until the boys got done. :)
Christian loves Thomas the train. So, my sister got him a Thomas pinata. The kids had sooo much fun "trying" to hit this thing. haha
Brandon spun the kids to get them nice and dizzy!!
Christian was super excited. We kept telling him to stay back cus' every time someone would hit the pinata he would run and almost got hit every time. lol!
 Gooo Elizabeth!!
 Tripp & Christian with all their friends.
Present time!
 (I think Ryan liked his shirt! What do you think? haha)
Such a good daddy!! :)
Time for cake & ice cream.
Happy Birthday Christian! We love you and are sooo proud of you and Tripp!!
Aunt Stacey & Uncle Brandon

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