Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Week part 1

Brandon and I have been watching our nephews, Tripp (7) and Christian (6) this week since their on Spring Break. Boyy...are they full of energy!! haha They don't take naps and they just go and go. We've had alot of fun with them but I have to say we are exhausted. They love to play baseball with uncle Brandon (especially Tripp). Last night they didn't want to leave so we let them stay the night. Today....we decided we needed a 'lil break so we took them to my sister this afternoon but I promised them we would get them in the morning.
As soon as they got to our house yesterday morning...Tripp wanted to throw to uncle Brandon. Of course...the backyard wasn't big enough so we headed to the park by our house.

Tripp hits really well. I was scared he would accidently hit uncle Brandon. The first ball Brandon threw to him...he hit it! I was impressed. (Brandon even taught him how to hit left-handed).
Poor 'lil Christian broke his arm several weeks ago so he wasn't able to do as much playing as Tripp. Christian tried to hit but had more fun playing the ds. haha
Bless his heart...He gets his cast off next week.
The boys even got aunt Stacey to play...(which is surprising--haha) Believe it or not...I hit the first pitch!
I was soo impressed with myself. :)
(Wouldn't you know my husband would want to take a picture.)

 Tripp likes to catch like uncle Brandon.
 Christian ran the bases and Brandon pitched.
 Tripp wanted to pitch to uncle Brandon.
 (I miss baseball...I still get teary-eyed!)
We also played alot of basketball...didn't get many pictures of that. We were too busy playing! :)
Brandon wanted to take the boys to our church to play on the playground.

 Christian was a little hesitant about going down the big slide by Uncle Brandon went down with him. How sweet!?!?!
 After a few times going down with Brandon...Christian finally decided to do it on his own, but he wanted Brandon right at the end of the slide to make sure he made it down ok.

 After we left the playground...we headed home....washed their dirty feet and headed to Wendy's. When we got back from eating....(I bet'cha can't guess what they wanted to do....!)
Christian went straight to the ds.
 then decided he wanted to watch a movie......
 Tripp wanted to play baseball outside......again! :)
 But this time it was different....Bebo was sooo cute. Tripp would throw the ball up in the air...hit it and Bebo would run after the ball....put the ball in his mouth and then take each one and put it in a pile with the rest of the balls. Brandon and I thought it was sooo funny. We've never seen him do that before. (He's a mess!)
(This post is a few days has taken me a couple days to complete it....haha)--I'm soo behind on my blogging!!

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Stephanie said...

Awwwww, you guys are the BEST Aunt & Uncle in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!! They had sooooooo much fun! Thank you both very much....we love you!