Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"That's a bubble right there"

There's a 'lil shop I wanted to go to the other day and of course Brandon didn't want to go he sat in the car eating his Chick-fil-a and I ran into the store for a few quick minutes. As I was coming out Brandon was pulling the car up to get me....a car full of guys drove by from behind me. As they drove by, one of the guys hollered, "That's a bubble right there." I knew they were talking to me because no-one else was around. I had no idea what they said at I kept saying it to myself in my head. Then I realized! "That's a bubble right there." They were telling me I had a bubble butt. Reallyy?? Who says that? haha. I got into the car and told Brandon. (I'm pretty sure ya'll know what his reaction was.) He laughed and laughed. That's all I've heard since that day. "That's a bubbblllee right there!" When I got home...I told Candace. She said it was a compliment! (I guess it is...but ONLY my husband can say that to me! Not some random psycho college kids!) haha. Thought I would share my funny story with ya'll!

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Megan said...

Hahaha. How weird and a little bit creepy! Butt checking out is reserved for husband only!!