Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gross Farms - part 1

We went to Gross Farms for the first time last year and loved it so much we went back again. You can see last years visit here. {I love looking back and seeing how much we've changed over a year.} This year...we had alot more people with us. Almost all of Brayden & Bailey's cousins on my side of the family went. We had so much fun.

This year Brayden & Bailey could actually ride the John Deere tricycles. 
We had to help them out a few times going up the hill.

Bailey on the choo-choo.
Brandon & my mom
Bailey's been doing something weird with her mouth.
Bailey and her daddy headed to the slide.
Tom's Tunnel
We didn't do the slide last year. Brandon wasn't with us and my parents didn't wanna go down so this year we made sure we did Tom's Tunnel. The first time Bailey went down with her daddy. After that she was on her own. She wanted to do it all by herself.
Mommy, Daddy & Bailey waiting...
Brayden was not interested at all so Pa took him to jump at the Pumpkin Jump.
She looked so grown sliding down by herself.

Brandon & I raced. I won. Doesn't look like it, but I beat him down 
{only because the guy up top gave me a little push.} :)'

I can imagine she was saying she wanted to go again...but not sure because every time she got off, she was headed to go down again. 
There was no stopping this kid. She loved it.
We didn't want her waiting in line by herself so Brandon and I took turns going with her. 
Of course she still wanted to slide down by herself. 
Miss I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t

We got to see baby Liam. This little boy has grown so much since we've seen him last. Of course my dad is in the background trying to aggravate him. My dad has the tendency to do that to kids. ;)

Me, Liam & his mama {my cousin - Jenn}

Liam's parents {sorry guys...once you have kids...that's what you are known as. lol}
Brayden loves babies.

All the cousins coming down the slide...
Casey holding Braxton
Jayden on the other side.
Aunt Dena and Brylee

Tashina & Matt-Matt with their twins - Mina & Mya.

Pumpkin jump!!
This thing wore me out.
Not only was it hard to jump but trying to hold kids up too. 
Shew...we were worn out afterwards. My arms were sore the next day.
{Yes...I'm outta shape. lol}
Me, Dena, Casey, Danielle & Tashina trying to help all the kiddos. 
I think we were the ones that needed the help. haha

Part 2 coming up.

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